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Many of you were very close with your vacuum cleaner guess, but Janice was the first to guess it correctly: an air purifier. If you’re anything like me, your eyes are watering, you’re sneezing and it feels like an animal crawled in your throat and died (too much?). So, when I was picking out this week’s mystery item, I naturally had air purifiers on my mind.

This extraordinary air purifier by Henry looks more like a modern sculpture. Its 5 stage filter process helps reduce allergens in your home, it’s super quiet and blends seamlessly with your home’s decor. Maybe I wouldn’t go through so many tissue boxes if I had one of these! How are you keeping your allergies at bay this spring season? Tell us in the comments below.


Check back next Wednesday to guess at a new mystery item.


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  2. Michele Kysor says:

    does anyone remember the episode Genevieve Gorder mixed a recipe in the blender, slathered it on rocks and said moss would grow? Did anyone try it and does it work. I need moss quickly, and I need the recipe.

  3. harveygregory says:

    Wow! This product is so innovative. It looks so stylish and it seems like a sleek furniture, when in fact, it can purify the air. This would be a good Perth house cleaner.

  4. Keira Osman says:

    Air purifiers are getting stylish! I love that black and white purifier because it blends really well in that room.

    -Phoebe Ginn

  5. Misty Francia says:

    They're 2-in-1: not just air purifiers, but also house accessories. My interior designers will love these!

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