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I’m back from High Point Market! What a whirlwind trip that was. Honestly, I was in an exhausted haze when I wrote you last (thank goodness I didn’t write anything I regret). But, I’m now rested or “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” as my grandmother would have said — and ready to chat.

As I fuzzily shared Tuesday night, part of the HPM experience was getting to see HGTV’s new furniture line. Sure, I had heard talk about the collection in the office hallways, but other than a few tiny photos here and there — I had never really seen any of the pieces. When I entered the HGTV showroom at Market, I didn’t know what to expect. Would I like it? Would I not and have to pretend I did? Well, I must say, I was relieved when I was genuinely impressed with what I saw.

Pictures after the jump!:

With four distinct (and simple) furniture styles, I believe there’s something here for everyone. My tastes are very traditional, but even some of the pieces from the retro collection piqued my interest. The easy-to-identify styles concept really spoke to me (simplicity always wins with Grant).

The collections are: Meadowbrook Manor (very traditional — my fave); Water’s Edge (cottage-style with warm finishes and accent colors); Woodlands (cottage-style in a worn finish); and Classic Chic (walnut and ivory collection with a retro twist).

Here are some of my favorite pieces/photos from each collection to give you a glimpse of what’s headed your way this fall:

Meadowbrook Manor Bar

Meadowbrook Manor Bar

I don’t drink, but I do enjoy the Meadowbrook bar. I like the harlequin pattern on the doors.

Water's Edge Dining Room

Water's Edge Dining Room

Water’s Edge fits into any lifestyle — and it really does invoke that light beachy feeling.

Woodlands Bedroom

Woodlands Bedroom

Woodlands is rustic, aged and has a tailored approach. I love the weathered look.

Classic Chic Cellarette

Classic Chic Cellarette

This Classic Chic bar has a very modern aesthetic (goodness, I promise I don’t drink). This was one of Emily Henderson’s favorite pieces, too.

Are you pumped about HGTV Home Furniture? Look for the collections this fall at local furniture retailers nationwide.



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