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Everyone has been asking, “What did you like best from High Point Market?” I’ve been fumbling for an answer to that question since Wednesday. But as of today, I fumble no more! I have spent this Saturday afternoon going through our pictures from last week and have taken stock of what really inspired me. I’m excited to share my top 8 finds, so let’s just jump right in!

1. Look at this sofa!

Worn Leather Sofa

Deep Leather Sofa

Yes, it’s as comfortable as it looks (I tried it out for all of you). This deep leather sofa from Regina Andrew makes you want to see how many people can comfortably sit on it. I would guess at least 10. It is massive, and I want it!

2. Neon Caesar

Caesar Bust

Caesar Bust

Come on! You know you want a bright yellow bust of Caesar in your living room! No? Well, it may not be for everyone, but I adore this thing from Phillips Collection. I think Augustus would approve, too.

3. Um, there’s a fly on my plate.

Buggy Plates

Buggy Plates

I bugged out over these! I want to serve my dinner guests on the Dransfield + Ross plates. Of course, I need to learn to cook before I invite people over — but, that’s for another blog on another day.

4. Summer Iglu



The iglu (no, I didn’t misspell that – Skyline Design spells it that way) is so cozy and inviting. And again, I crawled inside this pod to test it out for all of you. Can’t you just see this on your back patio?

5. Need a hand?

Hand Table

Hand Table

This table may be too much for my home, but I would certainly admire it in a friend’s house. Would you be bold enough to buy it from Euro Style?

6. Yellow Leather

Yellow Sofa

Yellow Sofa

I know, I know, it’s another leather sofa. But, the leather sofas just sort of called my name from across the room. C.R. Laine was one of my favorite showrooms. Their pieces were amazing!

7. Get growing!



Your plants will thank you for treating them so well. Jonathan Adler made sure that these pots stood out from the boring clay ones our mamas had.

8. That’s a real kick in the…

Foot Table

Foot Table

If I didn’t lose you with the hand, the foot coffee table from Noir may be where I go too far. What can I say? This traditional-style boy was getting crazy at High Point Market.

So there you have it — my favorite finds from HPM. What do you think?

21 Responses

  1. Richard L. says:

    Not too sure about the foot table but the yellow leather sofa is a sure thing!

  2. RLaddie says:

    Grant, I loved 3 of these enough that I would love them in my home. 1st the Leather sofa…great for a Library, It looks like it is 100 years old…soft and durable…love the worn look. 2nd is the white hand coffee table…It makes me smile!!! 3rd is the iglu…awesome, whimsical, and looks great for an afternoon of reading…or blogging for any age.

  3. Anna J. says:

    Really nice, classy furniture. I agree with the previous comment…the first leather sofa would be perfect in a library. I, too, love the worn look.

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  5. CindyM says:

    Very nice furniture, even the foot and hand!

  6. CindyM says:

    I'll take the yellow leather sofa. Very upscale.

  7. erin loechner says:

    Oh, that neon Caesar is begging for me! Et tu! Et tu!

  8. Greta Lancer says:

    I'm kind of smitten with the bug plates.

  9. Charles Irion says:

    I think the Caesar bust would look SO much better in white. Not in that room, but just in general.

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