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It’s that time of year again — when you show your mom how much you appreciate her. Since Mother’s Day is approaching (and since I’m in a good mood), I thought I would share more than one delight today to help you pick the right gift.

For the mom with a green thumb: Your mom won’t need much of a green thumb to keep this tillandsia plant by Terrain alive. The kit includes everything you need from the actual plant to the tear drop glass.

Tillandsia Plant

For the culinary mom: If your mom loves to cook and appreciates a nice bouquet of flowers, then this kitchen utensil bouquet by AlwaysFits.com would be a great gift to give. The set comes with all the essential utensils a cook needs, and you can display it as a bouquet on the counter when it isn’t in use. So clever.

Kitchen Utensil Bouquet


For the eco-friendly mom: This patterned compact tote bag by Blue Avocado is an eco-friendly way for your mom to carry her lunch. It comes in different colors and is made with recycled materials. I may have to add this to my own wish list.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

For the tea-loving mom: If your mom loves iced tea, then this cafe-style iced tea brewer by Olive and Cocoa is the ultimate gift. You make the hot tea in the top pitcher and pour it over ice into the bottom pitcher for freshly made iced tea. Tea never looked or tasted so good!

Iced Tea Brewer

And to really top off your mom’s special day, throw her a memorable, elegant brunch. Do you have any special plans for your mother this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Christina says:

    My mom loves Iced Tea, that tea brewer would be perfect! It's so cute. :)

    Come see the Bellini I made that would be great for Mother's Day. http://www.becauseofmadalene.com/2012/05/mixed-be


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  3. Mandy says:

    great ideas for every mom!
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  4. Dr Craig Savin says:

    My Comment is for Beth O. Stern after seeing her on the Ellen Show:
    Dear Beth,

    I was very impressed by your passion on the Ellen show. I am not quite sure you will read this, but I would love to tell you as "briefly" as possibly about my AMAZING WIFE LISA!! Lisa came into my life with few expectations other then to take a life long journey with me. Little did she know that journey would be filled with such tragedy and change; that I am not sure if she knew  in advance she would have signed up..I practiced Dentistry and Identify victims of Mass Distruction for FEMA(forensics specialist).. In 2005 while working to identify bodies of Hurricane Katrina, I had pain in my Legs.  To make a long story short, I needed both my hips replaced; then re-done 4 more times, causing me to have to retire..I have 3 beautiful children; one daughter from my first wife(Maddie) and 2 from my second wife(along with 2 of her children I raised since they were 18 months old) Jordan,Jessica, Gabe, and Maxx. While recovering from my surgeries, Lisa was suddenly put into a mother role for all 5 children!! I have never met a women so natural at being a mom, without ever having children.. She is so kind, loving, nurturing, and caring. She met my children when they were very young, so she is a large influence on who they have become.. Now comes the tragedy. At the time I was having 6 major hip replacement surgery and many back issues, Lisa not only took care of me, but every one else.. my second wife (ex)however had many problems with addictions and mental disease, that she was unable take care of my 2 boys.. Lisa was there.. Even my step children were cared for by Lisa.. As my ex's disease worsened, my ex did  the one generous thing, letting Lisa and I take care of my boys full time.. I prayed I could take her 2 other children, but she would not let me.. In 2007,my step daughter fell 45 feet to her death at 2 am.. Just after my wife the week before stayed up with her all night with alcohol poisening(I picked her up from the hospital at 3 am because they could not find her mom).. The next day she went back to her mothers home, after we begged her to stay with us… Now my beautiful step daughter(my daughter, she was buried with my last name)is among the Angles. Again Lisa gave up her job as a well known event planner just to take care of my boys; without giving it a second thought.. In 2009, Jessica's mom commited suicide due to her disease and her guilt she confessed to me about our daughter..now my boys and step-son have lost their mom and sister.. How ironic as well, my step daughter died on my daughter Maddies birthday… So much sadness, so much pain for my family.. I, the father and "strong one" had to take care of everyone while in and out of the hospital having my hip joints removed.. Being their for Gabe, Maxx, Maddie, and Jordan who lost everything  … But Lisa, never birthing a child was faced with incredible life changing happenings, one after ANOTHER, but this 4'11" adorable, physique 57, 45 year old women handles everything thrown at her!!
    Beth, In my life I have never been more amazed at anyone like my wife.. I would hand her the world, yet she would say no thank-you, I don't need the world, just a small enough piece for all of us to be happy… Which is exactly how I can some Lisa up, she is my world, my happiness.. My path has changed as have all my children.. But because of Lisa.. That path has a strong foundation to walk upon…

  5. Janice says:

    My daughter would love this! Thanks for posting it. http://adventurebuilding.blogspot.com/

  6. Sandy says:

    Since my mom loves to decorate, I've spent hours shopping with her over the last week, helping her find just the right rug to fit in her living room – and we found it! Last night, we moved furniture and hung artwork in the home office. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

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