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In our last harrowing adventure, we escaped the clutches of boredom and clutter using what many of us already have on hand: wine corks. On today’s episode of Designer MacGyver, I’ve assembled some cool DIY teacher gift ideas using a most humble item. Yes, binder clips! Don’t have any kids in school that need to give teachers gifts? Well, maybe you are a teacher. If so, you can use some of these ideas in your classroom. Or maybe you’ve just got a ton of binder clips on your hands and want to decorate your home. (Raided the supply closet at work again, did you? Naughty, naughty.) First, start with these darling hanging notepads. Then take a look at what else you can do with ‘em!

binder clip

This binder clip bulletin board as seen on Country Home will keep everyone organized and on the same page. (What a cute way to clip up kid art, or even hall passes.)

binder clip bulletin board project

Teachers, if you liked the last idea, go all the way. Take a page from the Arch Daily feature on Papalote Stationery Shop by A1 Architects and decorate a whole wall with clips! Swap in posters and gold star reports as desired.

binder clip project 3

No cubbies in the classroom? Did you know you can make a modular storage unit using office file boxes clipped together with binder clips? Now, thanks to the IKEA blog Livet Hemma (and Poppytalk and Bright Bazaar), you do. Instant bookshelf, achieved.

binder clip bookshelf craft project


PLUS: Looking for gift ideas to decorate that special teacher’s desk? Try printing out a class picture and using a binder clip as a “frame” or even decorating a supply of binder clips with patterned washi tape or other accessories.

I give all of these ideas an A+, but what do you think? Leave your favorite binder clip craft suggestion below, and stay tuned to see what ordinary item we craft with next week…


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  1. Kayla@HGTV says:

    My favorite use of binder clips for a while has been connecting the boxes together. So easy, and perfect for those that like to change things up frequently.

  2. Amy says:

    What a great post – nice job!

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  4. ChristinaS says:

    I use binder clips in the kitchen to keep bags of chips closed, as well as the bag of dry cat food and prepackaged veggies. You name it, I have a binder clip in the right size in the kitchen drawer!

  5. Liz_HGTV says:

    I especially love the storage unit, since the clips make it easy for non-committal people (like me) to move the cubes around at will.

    P.S. Hoping for a future Designer MacGuyver post on *tasteful* ways to use beer bottle caps.

  6. JoAnn Haasler says:

    I have been saving the white plastic rings that are left when transparent tape rolls are used up. Do you have any ideas of some projects for them? I have used them in the past as display stands for round or egg shaped semi precious stones, but would love some more ideas.

  7. H.C says:

    wow what an idead great, thanks madam, before i dont know the extended use of binder clips , can i suggest another use ? Use binder clips for Pc's all Wires(back side- moniter, ethernet, powercable, ups cable etc..) Hold Together.any way use this ideas to create a better kerala homes

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  9. Ravi Solanki says:

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