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Do you see that guy reading a book? I want to be him. The Nestrest by DEDON is a blissful way to relax — you can hang it from a tree or let it sit on the ground in your backyard (or front yard to make your neighbors jealous). French designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety made this pod to camouflage with the surrounding environment, while providing a private shelter that enwraps the person inside. You could pair it with the summer iglu Grant found at High Point Market to take outdoor lounging to a whole new level.

 DEDON Nestrest Hammock

13 Responses

  1. CplusE says:

    I love the Nestrest, but I want to know how that fellow got in there without getting himself soaking wet and/or tipping all of the contents into the water!

  2. Annonomus says:

    Very carefully.

    • CplusE says:

      LOL! Possibly even divine intervention? On a wing and a prayer? Mind over matter? By dreaming the impossible dream? The possibilities are endless!

  3. miadreams says:

    Very cool. I could even hide from my kiddos… and relax.

  4. Nisbet says:

    I think they come with walk on water sandals.

  5. Branden says:

    I would be afraid that it would break & I would be sleeping & I would drown.

  6. CoCoVirtue says:

    I would make that my new room. You couldn't come to me unless you called and or got really wet…..lol. I love it. CplusE I love how you are so intune and have all of the great info. You are certainly a treasure. Be Blessed.

    • CplusE says:

      Thank you, CoCoVirtue! My husband says I have a gift for finding trivia! I tell him it's not trivia — it's all important to someone, especially me! ^_^

  7. CoCoVirtue says:

    Also I wonder how much it holds cuz I would want my sweetie in there with me. lol.

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  9. Amy says:

    Agreed. How the heck did he get in there? Is there some little raft off to the side we're not seeing that they are going to send back out for him when he is ready to leave? :) This thing does look amazing though. Incredibly tranquil.

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