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On the last episode of Designer MacGyver, I listed some excellent projects you could make with binder clips and give to teachers, if you were so inclined. Though I can’t blame you if you wanted to keep them for yourself, really. They were so cute!

Then, in the comment thread, I spotted an SOS from our own Liz Gray. “P.S. Hoping for a future Designer MacGyver post on *tasteful* ways to use beer bottle caps.” Well, this MacGyver can’t leave a damsel in distress! Liz, let these beer bottle cap crafts come to your rescue. (Underagers, you’ll have to stick to metal soda caps, but with the resurgence of all things retro, finding soda in glass bottles shouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

bottle cap

bottle cap craft magnetsThese bottle cap magnets from Instructables may be a little obvious, but they’re also fun and so simple to make, so they make the cut. Plus, you could use one to display your grocery shopping list and remind you to buy more brewskis. Again, please drink and craft responsibly!

bottle cap craft keychainYou’ll never misplace your keys or accidentally grab someone else’s keychain when you add a cute bottle top to your set. Another in the “so simple, why didn’t I think of that?” vein from Craftbits.com.

bottle cap craft trayHere’s an idea: You could serve some frosty cold bottles of beer from Sweet Something Designs’ colorful beer bottle cap tray. Deliciously meta!

bottle cap backsplashA quirky backsplash makes me weak in the knees, so you know this bottle cap bonanza caught my eye. There are no DIY instructions on the Travel Obsession post, but I did spot some here, in case you want to get down to it.

bottle cap craft placecardsI’m a recently-engaged lady (thank you, thank you) and these bottle cap placecards come from Style Me Pretty, my new fave source for wedding inspiration. The couple who had these at their wedding are beer connoisseurs (the groom’s dad even brews his own), so the idea is a sweet nod to their shared interest.

Did you defuse these bottle cap bombs with plenty of time to spare? This crazy bottle cap tile floor and this truly artistic bottle cap mosaic may be for advanced MacGyvers only.

Which project is your favorite? And do you have any requests for this MacGyver? Shout ‘em out in the comments below.



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  1. Marianne@HGTV says:

    Ooh, this is timely! I just wrote about Lulu's Vintage Soda themed birthday party, and we have loads of candy colored pop tops left over. Very nice! http://moderninkmag.com/open-mic-heres-to-pop-sod

  2. Liz_HGTV says:

    Briana, my closet thanks you…I might actually pull my massive collection of bottle caps out of there and make something, freeing it up for another useless collection…I mean, crafting opportunity.

    I really love the backsplash! Or maybe one day I could work up to bottle cap art.

  3. HtmlSymbol says:


  4. [...] Recent Posts by Briana MowreyDesigner MacGyver: Surprising Toilet Paper Roll Arts & CraftsDesigner MacGyver: Unbelievable Bottle Cap CraftsHappy Mother's Day! (Warning: This Video Might Make You Cry)Defend the Trend: Are You Feeling [...]

  5. Lil Lou says:

    I make jewelry out of recycled bottle caps. I spray paint over most of the beer caps, but leave some with the logo for some fun earrings. You can visit my Etsy shop at <a href="http://www.etsy.com/lilloudelights” target=”_blank”>www.etsy.com/lilloudelights.

  6. Gwen copeland says:

    years ago when I was young, the soda water bottles caps had a cork inside, and my grandmothers would save them and make all her granddaughters s purse. We thaught we were really something caring our cork purse and showing off grannies work,

  7. The oldest known purse was found with Ötzi the Iceman[2] who lived around 3,300 BC. Another early example is on Egyptian hieroglyphs, which show pouches worn around the waist. The purse cover from the Sutton Hoo burial is a very elaborate, probably royal, metalwork cover for a (presumably) leather Anglo-Saxon purse of about 600AD. In Europe they often showed social status based on the embroidery and quality of the bag.

  8. Barry Rudd says:

    Samaritan's Purse is a non-denominational evangelical Christian humanitarian organization that works worldwide to assist people in physical need alongside their Christian missionary work.

  9. Barry Rudd says:

    "The Bottle" is a song by American soul artist Gil Scott-Heron and musician Brian Jackson, released in 1974 on Strata-East Records in the United States. It was later reissued during the mid-1980s on Champagne Records in the United Kingdom.

  10. TechniTrader says:

    P Many tables have tops that can be adjusted to change their height, position, shape or size, either with foldable extensions or sliding parts that can alter the shape of the top. Some tables are entirely foldable for easy transportation, e.g., camping. Small tables in trains and aircraft may be fixed or foldable, although many are simply convenient shelves rather than tables.

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