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Some of us HGTV.com editors are hitting up the International Contemporary Furniture Fair today to scour for delicious design finds. Lili was able to find some great finds last year, and we hope to share some good design inspiration with you this year. Aside from the fair, I hope to eat some gourmet meals and do some (a lot) of shopping. Since I’m feeling inspired by all things NYC, I thought I’d share this amazing Brooklyn Bridge shower curtain by Deny Designs.

 Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain

The artistic design makes you feel as though you’re in the heart of the city, and it’s my way of bringing a little taste of the Big Apple back home with me.


Design Inspiration

9 Responses

  1. Teresa Sanders says:

    One word to describe the shower curtain "Awsome"

    • Ursula Gould says:

      I had just purchased this exquisite Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain. This rare piece will definitely not just grow on you, but wow you the first moment you get it. : ) 110% Completely Satisfied

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  3. James Battle says:

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  4. yvette miranda says:

    loved the shower curtain brings me fun memories from home would like to purchase if posible

  5. Erika says:

    That was my first time I saw that kind of shower curtain and I really love the black color and also love the sparkle and shining shimmery.

    Net curtains

  6. Fernando Houston says:

    That almost fooled me! That's a pretty looking shower curtain. I would love to see it with closed lights and candles only. Or on sunset, with the shadows from the shutters perth, it's like seeing the city on a different view.

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