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It’s time, friends. Time to introduce you to the final “after” in our long sunroom makeover project! And if you need a refresher on what the space used to be, enjoy a few progress videos here, here and here. You won’t believe the transformation!:

For info on how to get the look in your own home, I’ve created a source list for you here. Happy shopping, and thanks so much for joining us on this wild ride!


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  1. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    It is BEAUTIFUL Erin! I absolutely loooove it~ :)

  2. Miss Dynamite says:

    What beautiful bones that room has! You certainly had a good eye for its potential!

  3. Charles Irion says:

    It looks amazing. Congrats on finishing the project!

  4. erin loechner says:

    Thank you!! :)

  5. When I find an article that gives me reason to use my brain, it really impresses me. You’re article gives readers a reason to think even long after it’s read.

  6. Mandy says:

    Love, love, love it Erin! Such a peaceful and bright space. And is it silly that I can picture a Christmas tree in there this winter? :) Awesome job!

    • erin loechner says:

      Not silly at all, Mandy – we're totally planning to host our Christmas parties in this space! :)

  7. Guy Chaifetz says:

    You're remodeling budgets are totally unrealistic. I remodeled my house and there'e no way you could do any of the remodeling at the prices you state. My experience is that costs are at least twice the numbers you portray.

  8. [...] at her blog … Design For Mankind | Our Finished Sunroom! and Erin’s Before & After videos on [...]

  9. Nina says:

    Hi!! Have just discovered your blog as I'm in the final stages of completing TWO 10×10 sunrooms — looking for colors!!

    So by now you've probably found your antique ladder; but if not, I found TWO at Goodwill ($10.00 ea) and am using one in each room. In the "dining room" the ladder will serve as the light fixture – rope-hung wine glasses, each holding a candle. In the second sunroom, the longer ladder will hold baskets and crates, with the shorter ladder affixed to the wall, which will have pegs to hang outdoor wear. Hoping to be done in a month!!!

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