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While we all loved the launch of HomeMint, one particular item from Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley’s line caused a little email chain controversy over here at HGTV.

GRANT: Expensive skulls! Geez.
homemint skulls

BRIANA: Because they’re REAL.* Dun-dun-duuuuuunnnnnnnn.

LILI: And also blessed by JT.

BRIANA: Do we like the decorative skull thing, or no? Opening this thread wiiiiide so weigh in, pls.

LILI: I keep waiting for the trend to die.

MARIANNE: I’m torn on the skull thing. It’s just hitting mainstream which means it will feel played out in about three minutes. On the other hand, SHINY. Also, those are for-real skulls?** Meep.

BRIANA: Yeah, see, I’m torn. Because on one hand it’s like cool and glam and John Derian and Paxton Gate-y and I dig it, and on the other hand it’s all ALAS POOR YORICK.
poor yorick

CAMILLE: I’m tired of skulls. Gilded or otherwise.

MARIANNE: This is the only skull I’d want in my house.
damien hirst skull

That said, Grant and I couldn’t walk around High Point without bumping into a pile of bones.

LILI: Agree on that skull, for sure, but I might have to put a shroud on it. This is how unedgy I think skulls have become:
skull nails

LIZ: Why is only one available? Is Justin killing off less-successful boy band alums and passing the remains off as decor?*** If so, I support this. (Ahem…BLACKstreet)

MARIE: Skulls are dead to me. Seriously, I thought they were going out when they were on rings about 10 years ago.

FARIMA: I like the skull, maybe because it’s shiny…? It’s very pricey though, so maybe people wouldn’t be interested because skulls are everywhere.

KAYLA: I dig the HomeMint skulls. I don’t get why they’re $300-something, but I’d put one on my bookshelf, maybe.

GRANT: I like the skulls, but I can spray paint Halloween decorations and get that look for a lot less.


We sounded off, now tell us what you think…


* I’m kidding. Pretty sure the skulls are not real and serve a purely decorative function.
** I mean, it’s a joke. You guys know that, right?
*** Wild speculation for humor purposes only! Mr. Timberlake is a talented artist that we very much admire and respect, so if you are his legal counsel, please do not contact us!




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13 Responses

  1. Miss Dynamite says:

    Outside of Halloween? Tacky.
    During Halloween? Bring it on!

  2. Karli_Scripps says:

    Let me take a moment to defend skulls in decor. I have a beautiful sketch of two skulls hanging in my bedroom (yes, you heard me — bedroom) and my husband bought me a locket with a skeleton couple printed on it for my most recent birthday. I think they are a beautiful representation of human life (particularly the boney couple that are still holding hands in the afterlife) and I love decorating my home, car and self with skulls! They remind me to treasure every day that I am flesh AND bones. They can certainly be tacky if done wrong (ie- pink and/or sparkly), but I think skulls in their natural form are a great style statement! Okay, stepping off my soap box. :)

    • Kayla@HGTV says:

      Nicely said, Karli! I'd love to see the print you're talking about. BTW – At the concert I was at last night, they had a brass skull sitting on top of one of the amps on stage. I thought, "I probably would have never noticed that skull before, but now it's super relevant."

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      This is exactly the kind of impassioned defense of design that I like to hear! Well-said, Karli. :)

  3. GSalazar says:

    As a chiropractic students, I love the human body and skulls are at the top of that. (wha wha wwwhhhaaa) I have a skull on my back dash of my car that my son had picked out from the clearance Halloween isle a few years back. He is sparkly, his led eyes light up different colors and we call him Yorick. In the trunk I have Horatio, a smaller shiny skull I had got from the clearance isle 6 years ago. Horatio has gone with me from car to car (3 cars in six years). As for interior decor, I think the human body depicted in a tasteful manner never gets old or dies.

    • @qualitygeek says:

      Ditto. Where do you go GSalazar? I'm in my final year at Parker University – just started seeing patients in Irving at the outpatient clinic (YES!!!). I have a full sized skeleton named George who helped me through Anatomy classes.

      • GSalazar says:

        I am starting at Life in Marietta in October, so winning the HGTV Green Home would be a huge blessing for my family. I have a friend in his final year at Parker as well. He is from a small town outside of San Antonio, Gonzales is his last name.

  4. SusanG1956 says:

    I love them at Halloween, but my Son's love 'em year round. I buy Yankee Candles to fit Skull candle holders, and Kenny bought Emily a pink Skull helmet so she can ride on his motor cycle with him, and eventhough pink, it was very cool! Skull tee shirts are available for sale at our church book store… I'm all about it these days… they are honest ;-)

  5. Sara says:

    It's enough seeing it on tattoos and t-shirts…now knick-knacks in the pages of Elle decor?
    One resounding No from this camp!

  6. Peg says:

    So glad to see we're not the only ones with skull debates! I like to decorate for Halloween. My husband had one when we married (1978)from the 70's. I really don't remember what it was made from, but maybe ceramic or some such, kinda heavy. Well one year a few years after we were married, I threw it out, it was grossing me out. We didn't decorate like they do now for Halloween back then. Now for the last several years at Halloween I try to find a cool one to replace it and I don't hear the end of it,that and the 8track home stereo I sold at a garage sale (Our daughter has his 8track carts-hah!)

  7. Wow skulls… it is all in the eye of the beholder, I can laser cut skulls into a custom fire pit table for you or laser engrave into a black granite top so you can really get your skull on! http://www.socalfirepits.com/

  8. eNAqB says:

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