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It’s that time of year again: Design Star season! Tune in tonight at 9/8c as 12 designers compete for one dreamy job: a gig hosting their own HGTV show. But you can do more than just watch — here are four ways to get social with HGTV during the premiere.

Design Star Season 7 Cast

Design Star Season 7 Cast + Mentor and Host David Bromstad

1: Chat Live With Design Star’s Producer. What’s it like to be stuck on set for two months straight? Where do the designers go after they’re eliminated? Join a live chat with producer Loren Ruch during the premiere to ask your biggest Design Star questions.  To join, head to this link on the HGTV Facebook page.

2. Use the Hashtag #DesignStar on Twitter. Tweeting along with the show? Join the conversation by tagging tweets with #DesignStar.

3: Follow HGTV’s Design Star Pinterest Board. Get the best, most pinnable Design Star content delivered straight to your feed!

4: Head Over to the Design Star Blog. Immediately after the show, check out the Design Star blog for a blow-by-blow recap of the episode by yours truly. Then join the conversation: Did the right person go home? What was ____ thinking?  Let’s talk!

Happy viewing!



14 Responses

  1. Elvirra says:

    The show was ok tonight. Deff the right person went home. I only like a couple so we will see where it goes from here.

    I must say, what on earth was David wearing tonight?? To be the host of the show and also a judge, one would think he would have dressed better. Sorry David, THE LOOK WAS HORRIBLE.

    WHY WOULD HGTV invite ANY of the trashy Kardashian's to be on the show? That family is a low class and I WILL BET YOU HGTV'S ratings will drop due to Kris being on there. I FOR ONE WILL NOT BE WATCHING DESIGN STAR THE NIGHT SHE IS ON THERE. Find classy ladies. Candice is good. Sarah from Sarah's house etc is nice and polite. Sabrina Soto is well liked. Jane from coloure confidential is very nice. Anyway you all get the picture. HGTV is one of only a few TV SHOW'S worth watching or decent enough to watch with my daughter's. I HOPE it will stay that way.. Good. Luck to all contestants.

  2. I loved the first episode! Granted, the headboard was total amazingness and I'm kind of sad they didn't like it. But I lurrve the wall stencil on the 2nd look and the tips for making the bed were great. Cheers to a great start to the 2nd season- you go girl!

    • sam says:

      I also loved the headboard! I was sad that they did not like alot of the great ideas they put into the rooms.

  3. Moonbeam says:

    Kim Kardashian used to work with celebrities in purchasing and managing their wardrobes, I believe, and has had a strong sense of style for years. Since she also helps to run very successful apparel businesses, I think she is qualified. However, I'm not sure she is actually judging is or just one of the celebrities for whom the contestants will be designing a room. Am looking forward to Vanilla Ice's appearance. So great that he became a licensed contractor.

  4. peglee says:

    according to commercials it,s the mother ms. jenner! why is any of that family on a desighn show ? the whole family is making a living off a porn video! google the word pimp! so many of us r quietly banning tv channels that have them on, sears, forget the rest of crap . the one makes a porn sex tape & ryan seacrest & the mother jump on a reality show ! yu have a porn star , an alcoholic , another who has an illigitemate child plus another on way , a son going on 30 who,s never had a real job. not one of them have any education, or schooling, they,re making millions off of ignorant young people. just saw the jenner woman last week on a hgtv closet makeover . have never missed one episode of desighn star, but will turn off the epasode jenners on along w my friends. if one of that family shows up a third time, we turn off hgtv (after 13 years of daily watching , it will break my heart, but won,t watch trash.. & there,s 80 seniors in my group(81 actually counting myself)

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