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With summer almost officially here, it’s time to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape. Whether you plan on hosting summer shindigs every weekend or casually spending time on your deck with friends and family, you can ensure your outdoor space is looking its best for the season. In just six simple steps you can enrich your wooden deck — old or new — by staining it with a warm finish that will keep it beautiful for years to come.

So, pick a nice, sunny day with no rain in sight and get started! You can have your deck stained and looking like new just in time for Fourth of July festivities (or maybe even Father’s Day, if you plan on working this weekend). Take a look at the step-by-step instructions below.

How to Stain a Wooden Deck

how to stain a wooden deckTransform the appearance of your deck for summer in just six simple steps.

how to stain a wooden deck before and afterBefore :: After

Check out that before and after — what a difference! You won’t believe how simple this project is. First, make sure your deck is completely clear of all dust and debris. If you’re staining an older deck, you’ll need to pressure-wash the entire surface. If you’re working with a newer deck, however, you just need to sweep with a broom. After cleaning, use painters’ tape to protect your exterior walls from stain.

how to stain a wooden deck1. Gather supplies on your work surface. 2. Apply solid coat of stain to entire surface of deck.

Next, gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need: a gallon of high-quality deck stain, broom, drop cloth, paint pad, paint pole, paint-pad tray, 3-inch paintbrush, painters’ tape, paint stirrer and a pressure washer (only if you have an old deck).

Lay down your drop cloth in the corner of the deck to be stained last and pour your stain into the paint-pad tray. Attach the pole to the paint pad, dip it into the stain and apply a solid, even coat of stain to the entire deck surface. Once the top is complete, apply stain to the sides with a paint pad. If you can’t cover the creases with the paint pad, use a paintbrush for ultimate coverage. Allow 24 hours for stain to dry completely before moving furniture back onto deck. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

What outdoor projects are on your to-do list this summer? We’d love to know! Share them with us in the comments below.


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  1. mcoberly says:


  2. mrivera says:

    You make it look so easy. I'll let you now how it goes

  3. Terrence Westbrook says:

    Job well done. Like mrivera said, you make it look like a piece of cake. Personally, I'd probably have to hire professional hardwood floor installers to help me with that.

  4. Joseph says:

    Interesting way to add more color to a wooden surface. I wonder if the method can be used on home furniture from australia though.

  5. Mark Thompson says:

    From what I've heard, mortgage brokers in massachusetts would usually check out the available properties first before lending money. They're very cautious, especially when it comes to properties made out of woods. These types of properties don't usually last long, so in most cases they don't lend out money if they find the property to be in bad condition.

  6. Erica Marine says:

    The black wooden decking looks cute because it made the colorful floor mats and carpet stand out. I think it's easier to clean it that way too since it's painted.

  7. Louis Banks says:

    Cool tip! Although those office cleaner perth wouldn't like this I guess. I bet they despise the look of stain, especially if it was intentional!

  8. Steven Campbell says:

    Thanks for your post! I also did the same color with our roof perth decking. I used water-proof paint to make it last longer.

  9. Alejandro G. says:

    The paint that you've chosen is nice because the colors of the outdoor furniture popped out. I plan to do this with my jarrah flooring Perth too because it seems very easy.

  10. Layla Charteris
    Can you provide more steps in designing wooden decks? A deck with no colour is really boring so I prefer creating some DIY deck designing ideas but I am not good at it yet.

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