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As kids, my sisters and I loved to sit in the upstairs hallway and watch our parents’ old 8mm films on the projector (sorry to age you, Mom and Dad!). Trying to fit all three of us in the narrow hallway was a bit of a squeeze though – there was A LOT of elbowing and fighting over leg room.

 Backyard Drive-In Movie Night

When I saw this drive-in movie idea, I thought how much easier it would’ve been if we moved our “movie nights” to the backyard. I love the idea of using cardboard boxes as cars for kids to decorate, and the paper plate wheels are so imaginative. It looks like my sisters and I have a future movie-watching night ahead of us (with much bigger boxes, of course).


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7 Responses

  1. JannV says:

    What a cool idea, Popcorn, please!

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  3. Robin Foster says:

    That is really neat. What did you use to show the movie on the big screen. I was wanting to do
    that but I was not sure how to do it.

  4. Thea says:

    This a really cool idea for my son's 6th birthday in July..

  5. Esther J. Bruun says:

    What a lovely place to have a movie night! I wish I can do this for my kids but I am still fixing my hardwood decking. I might as well do this little by little so I can add more stuff by the time I am done fixing.

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  7. CInderella says:

    Use a projector

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