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Maybe you’ve been painting in your home recently. Or maybe you’re like me and take a handful of paint chips whenever you run across them in the hardware store. (Hey, they make great bookmarks!) Whatever the case, today’s mission is to show you how to use those colorful strips in ways you’ve never imagined. The best part? You can probably knock these crafts out in an afternoon or less!

paint chip chandelier

The paint chip chandelier above from Hey Gorgeous is so sweet in shades of pink. It’s a perfect way to try the ombre trend and would be darling in a nursery, no?


paint chip cabinet

Pretty up a plain cabinet or table with paint chips in a pattern like this example from TLC Parentables. Simply lay out the design of your choice, then place a pre-cut pane of glass or plexiglass on top of your work. Ta-da!

paint chip bunting
Paint chip bunting is simple to make, especially if you have hole punches in various shapes. This rainbow of flowers comes from Little Bit Funky and matches the palette and theme of the other artwork around it for a cohesive look.

paint chip boxes

Can you cut things and also fold things? Good! Because then you can make these How About Orange paint chip boxes and store secret treasures in them. Or pennies and paper clips. Whatever you want.


paint chip art

I guess Jessica over at How About Orange was on a paint chip kick, which is lucky for us, because she also posted this rad paint chip wall art tutorial. The colors she selected make the triangles feel so fresh. If circles are more you, take a look at this piece over on The Crafty Scientist which has a lovely, scalloped/fish-scale effect.

So, which craft was the real hero today? And do you have any requests or suggestions for this Designer MacGyver? Spill ‘em in the comments!



19 Responses

  1. rene says:

    Please remember that the store you are taking chips from (or the paint company) has to pay for these sample cards. If you are planning to take a lot, you may want to ask the manager first.

  2. hallyday says:

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  3. cm3 says:

    MODERATION PLEASE ! People actually use these things to match paint not make something cute and adorable . . . . crafters be damned . . . ; )

  4. cm3 says:

    Thanks rene! Thought the same thing! Granted all these crafts are great but if the crafting doesn't stop – everyone will have to start paying for these delightful pops of color – Moderation please.

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