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The sleek design of this object will help save some serious space in your home. Do you know its function?

 Give us your best guess, and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.


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17 Responses

  1. N_boyd27 says:

    Hum….that looks familiar: Seems I remember this design is carried out in the Green Home as cupboard handles and could also be used as hooks. It's a rather sleek, slender, new look. As one who knows how to improvise, I can think of various ways of using this multi-functional piece of hardware. Without looking, I want to remember the refrigerator handles also have the sleek slender design. The design mimics that of the boat hitch (tie off), which encorperates the idea of fun, but with a more eloquent, and opulent freshness.

  2. L.C. says:

    to reflect light?

  3. Mary says:

    I think it is a coat/hat hook

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  5. Christina says:

    To hang jewelry!

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  6. Vickie says:

    Looks like a cabinet handle?

  7. jloveira says:

    cabinet handle

  8. Bantie1 says:

    Coat/hat rack

  9. Bantie1 says:

    It could be wide and flat from another perspective making it possibly a shower head…..

  10. Bantie1 says:

    hooks that hold curtain tie-backs?? whatever it is, this is fun!

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