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OK parents; stop denying it — you’re in love with this catchy Carly Rae Jepsen song, right? If you haven’t heard “Call Me Maybe” by now, go grab your kid’s iPod — I’m pretty sure your son or daughter has the tune downloaded. Yes, it’s for tweens, but adults enjoy it too (I can’t be the only one).

Why am I talking about this song? I’ll tell you why! Not only do I have this unbelievably addictive ditty stuck in my head, but it seems to be infusing all parts of life. Or, am I just an obsessed kid-at-heart and as the song says, “…this is crazy?”

You know how some people go all-out for their business card design (like these from Zazzle)? Well, look at what Jezebel is reporting. Folks are actually giving these things out!:

Call Me Crazy Card

See? It’s not just me! I doubt you would be taken very seriously if you gave a card like this to someone, but hey, who knows — maybe you’d get a call back?!

The whole craze has me thinking. I’m going to take the “Call Me” phenomenon even further. Yes, you guessed it, let’s spin the hysteria into decor inspiration (oh, it’s possible). Look at what I discovered on Etsy:

Telephone Pillow

“Call Me Maybe” Pillow ::  Etsy User 100vintagefabric

Vintage Telephone

Vintage Telephone :: Etsy User Vicki Lee

What say you? Are you a fan of the “Call Me Maybe” hullabaloo? Or, are you letting this whole thing go straight to voice-mail?


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14 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    It's catchy, no doubt. BUT I HATE THAT SONG!! However, this telephone. I need it.

  2. Lisa Kennedy says:

    The pillow is what I like. Retro. I love it!

  3. RPJ says:

    With a different kind of fabric on the phone, I can totally see that in my house.

  4. Elizabeth Holder says:

    Don't care for the song, DO care for the pillow!

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  6. letoyamccain says:

    When I first heard this song, I must admit it had me tapping my feet. I heard my daughter listening to the song while helping me with the dishes and I asked her to send the song via Bluetooth to my phone. I now have it as her ringtone when she calls me to pick her up from color guard practice.

  7. S Buckinghams says:

    “Call Me Maybe” hullabaloo Great info that you given bro. Thank You.

  8. pray2win says:

    Haven't heard the song yet, but I definitely will! The pillow is cute! My daughter loves it! :)

  9. Cynthia S. says:

    The material on the phone would keep me awake at night. But another calmer material would be nice.

  10. Lisa says:

    I love this song!!

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