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This object looks like a bizarre boomerang, or maybe it’s a stylish ice pick. But the only thing it has in common with either of those is that it fits in your hand. Do you know what it is?


Give us your best guess, and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.


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18 Responses

  1. n_boyd27 says:

    foil cutter for wine bottle

  2. n_boyd27 says:

    Book Page holder

  3. patti kick says:

    something to help put thread on for sewing?

  4. Christina says:

    Picture frame?

    Christina <a href="http://www.becauseofmadalene.com” target=”_blank”>www.becauseofmadalene.com

  5. Shelby says:

    Is it a towel holder that is missing the part that you screw onto the wall?

  6. janet says:

    A jar opener, like a pickle jar?

  7. Christie says:

    It's a tooth pick!

  8. vaneca says:

    i think that it could be a decoration of some sort a unique decor that you culd put around the house somewhere it would give a serious artistic feel to the green home especially if you put it in the guest room saying the colors are red,white,black, and i think brown thats how many times that ive looked at the pics

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