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BRIANA: Ready for another super smackdown DEFEND THE TREND hot topic!? The word is BIRDS. Robins, owls, pelicans, seagulls, hummingbirds, what have you.

We know where Portlandia comes down on the issue, but what say you, design elite? Are they still hot or not? Or to put it in magazine terms, are they “wired”, “tired” or “expired”? Is there a particular bird you’d like to see go extinct in the design world? Are there some you’d like to see MORE of?

Penny for your snarks.

MARIANNE: I was ready to jump in all “thumbs down,” but if someone gave me an Eames House Bird, I’d put him on my mantle and name him Fred.

eames bird

LILI: Every time I think I’ve seen enough birds to last me a design lifetime, one or two pop up that I think are cute. I’m done with them on bed linens. But I can’t say I’m over them in bookshelves:

emily henderson shelf

Except for owls. If I never see another owl figurine, it will be too soon.

FARIMA: Birds in real life = Scary (I have slight ornithophobia). Birds in design = Cute, because they can’t fly (or give you the evil eye). Vintage birds are definitely my favorite.

bird illustration

BRIANA: I’m on the fence. I’ll say that I’ve had my fill of chickens and ducks because my mom had that classic ‘80s country motif thing going on. And I’m all “HOO HOO” is not over the owls at this point? But I still kinda like parrots. I blame Anna Spiro.

parrot figurine

And blackbirds or ravens. (Hello, Eames beauty.) Maybe it’s my inner Hot Topic-shopper talking?

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: [The trend is] Expired. I love a good aviary-ish fabric print or a bird-related oil painting, but I’m sick of bird silhouettes. Owls are nostalgic and fun, especially in an early 1970s way.

LIZ: Unless it’s designed by Charley Harper, you won’t see a bird inside my house.

charley harper bird

LILI: I will admit that I bought all of these Breezy Singers when DWR was selling them about 10 years ago. They would’ve scared you bird-a-phobes since they sang when you walked by.

breezy singers

GRANT: I like birdies in design — but I say “absolutely not” to hoot owls. My grandmother had this clock in her kitchen when I was growing up. I haven’t been the same since.

owl clock

BRIANA: Yeah, the duck phone I included as a link? Pretty sure we had that exact same model. Try talking into a duck butt for your formative years. It does something to you.

duck phone

MARIANNE: That explains so much.

KAYLA: I love birds in design and otherwise. However, my grandparents were strangely obsessed with ducks, so when I was little and would visit, all I had were these duck figurines to keep me occupied for hours. (I feel your pain, Briana.) And if you know me at all, you know I love owls and will always love ‘em.

One thing I can’t handle, though:

antonios birds

Sorry, Antonio.

LIZ: I also have birds-on-a-wire fatigue. We know: They sit there! They don’t get electrocuted! But I wish the endless wall decals would. In related news, just, no.

ABBI: I am sitting in a random house in Pennsylvania — Kellie Clements from Design Star is doing a design consult. The home owner is really open to all the suggestions, but just totally freaked at the idea of getting rid of some of her chicken figurines and paintings. She loves them. People be crazy about their birds.


LIZ: Okay…these are pretty amazing. I guess my bird-hating ways only go so far.

We’ve chirped enough about birds. Now, tell us how you feel…



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  1. MLP says:

    I've loved birds since way before they became "design" elements! Not too many or you may look like a kook – I have a few sprinkled around my home; they have to "speak" to me (no chickens, ducks or roosters, please!)

  2. brenda miley says:

    I'm so far behind that I didn't even realize that "birds" were a trend. Then I looked around my house & found 4 bird prints, 2 bird plates, 3 bird pillows, 6 glass birds, and 9 ceramic bird figurines. I was in on the trend & didn't even know it. There may be more hiding around here & I did find one "bee" print too. Now I have birds & bees .

  3. Rosewood11 says:

    Again, I don't hate the idea, but a little goes a long way. Overdoing any theme will make it irritating.

  4. Jill says:

    Well, I've collected 200+ ceramic and "other" ducks, so I can't be considered anti-bird. I say, like anything, if you like it, do it, just don't overdo it (my ducks are nicely corralled in one display case, and not all of them are on display at one time.

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