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Oh, the embarrassment. I’ve shown y’all this photo of my bedroom a couple of times, but it doesn’t get any easier. When I first moved into my first house, my “master” bedroom looked like this:

Modern Bedroom Before

Luckily, it can really only go up (literally) from a lonely mattress on the floor. Ready to see what it looks like now?

Gray Bedroom Sneak Peek

Ta-da! Let’s just say I’m not going back to the floor anytime soon. It all started with the center of any bedroom…the bed. I wanted one that reflected my home’s ’50s roots, and this Danish modern piece complete with a gray twill upholstered headboard fit the bill. To give the room a modern natural feel, I chose a warm gray wall color with yellow and turquoise accents. And, most importantly, the new digs are dog-tested-and-approved:

Miles on Bed

It already feels like a whole new space, but I’m not done yet. In the next few weeks, I’ll share my progress on the room’s finishing touches, like artwork, accessories and a bargain dresser makeover.  ‘Till then, sweet dreams!

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11 Responses

  1. Sherry Proctor says:

    Lookin' good Liz. Your bed is really cool as is the bedspread. I like the window too.

  2. Dana R. says:

    Look forward to seeing more.

  3. mary says:

    I like that headboard. It's different.

  4. NOLA says:

    Liz, Do you remember where you got the comforter or duvet from the first picture? I have a 6 foot tall white leather headboard on a platform bed and gray walls. I've been trying to find the perfect duvet for my bed. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm trying to keep the room neutral, so far gray, black, white, cream. Haven't decided on my "pop" of color yet. One one corner of the bed I have put a round flokati rug that is covered by the bed like a 1/4 of a pie. Dark hardwood floors. Just stuck on the bedding!!!

  5. Briana@HGTV says:

    Yay! I was wondering when you were going to post about this! It looks fab. You've got Miles of style, dahling. (GET IT?) ;)

  6. Nikki @ Tikkido.com says:

    LOL, in our last house (which was our first), I put together a lovely master bedroom. When we moved into our current house five years ago, we upgraded to a king sized mattress…and it's still on the floor, no bed. At least with the box spring it's not outrageously low!

  7. AJsMIMI says:

    A porch swing with fluffy pillows and a small fountain and a speaker with classic or inspirational music and patio planters in bright colors, and beautiful colors of flowers. And comfortabl chairs and all the people and little furry frends that I love and care about. I am disabled and don't get out often. This sounds lovely.

  8. starquiplanva says:


  9. Stephanie says:

    Great job with this DIY adventure for the bedroom. I like it for its light-hearted essence. I can't choose between these two headboards. Check it out.

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