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Summer heat in the South is harsh. Stepping outside for just a couple of minutes makes you feel like you’re going to combust. So, I suggest you stay inside and do summer crafts. Alexa of The Swell Life has a paper lantern craft that is a great way to beat the heat while keeping your kids occupied.

Paper Lantern Craft

Making it is easy: Glue square pieces of tissue paper in rows to a plain paper lantern. This will occupy your kids for hours, while everyone gets to stay cool.

What other crafts would you like to try with your kids?

7 Responses

  1. MaryPA says:

    SWEET- This is so simple ;) ;) ;) Thanks!!

    Goood Luck with the fix-upxD

  2. Jean says:

    This may be the perfect weekend to try this simple craft. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Barbara says:

    Going to do these tomorrow with my niece.

  4. MaryPA says:

    Let us know how this turned out.:D Have fun!!!

  5. Taylor says:

    She's not mean u are I can't believe u said that. What she do to u????

    P.S. Like your not a bitch

  6. Taylor says:

    These crafts are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

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