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It’s officially the dog days of summer, at least it is here at HGTV headquarters. The temperatures have been coming in over 100 degrees and everyone has taken to the air conditioning. When it’s sweltering outside, you probably think of hot colors like Pantone’s Tangerine Tango, or maybe an intense chili pepper red. But this month we’re making a case for what might seem an unusual choice for July: Driftwood Grey.

july color of the month driftwood grey walls

via The Prop House

I know what you’re thinking, grey? For summer? But bear with me. Instead of thinking of stark, cold, wintery tones, picture the weather-beaten, sun-warmed grey of boardwalks and beach houses. We love how it pairs with sunny hues, but it looks equally great set off by neutrals.

july color of the month driftwood grey wallpaper

Driftwood Grey Bathroom, HGTV.com

Lili’s Driftwood Grey Pinterest board won our team over with its great use of the color, inside and out. When pitching her choice, she summed it up perfectly, “Driftwood grey evokes coastal climates for me, particularly the New England coastline. I think of sunbaked and wind-battered shingles on Cape Cod and gorgeous pieces of water-worn, knotty tree trunks. This is the lighter, breezier cousin of flannel grey and perfect for summer.”

What do you think? Are you feeling Driftwood Grey in the heat of this sultry summer?


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  2. Patricia Spano says:

    I love this color. It also reminds me of Cape Cod. I think there is alot you can do with this color.

  3. cynthiau says:

    I just loved June, didn't think any other would be better…..I like this one for July, nice choice.

  4. Jerri says:

    Always have been a grey lover. I have used it all over my house. Good to see all the samples of it.

  5. Andrea Sheffield says:

    Grey is a very under-used color. Personally I love it. Also enjoyed looking at the Pinterest board.

  6. Buddymom says:

    What is the brand?

  7. I love gray! Just painted my kitchen a very similar shade. Nice choice!

  8. Brianna Carr says:

    My family room is this color. To me it has a very calming effect.

  9. RealtyqueenTO says:

    Thumbs up, love it!

  10. desertsparkle says:

    I am tired of seeing grey. To me it is cold and depressing.

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