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Confession time: I cannot remember the last time I changed our air conditioning filters at home. I am certain my gutters need cleaning. And if hard pressed I might be able to remember where the fire extinguisher is but I have NO idea how old it might be. Do fire extinguishers expire? Don’t answer that.

I have a lot of strengths, from making up recipes to mastering any craft challenge that comes my way, but home maintenance is one of my biggest failings as an adult. Enter BrightNest.

brightnest home maintenence website logo

When I happened upon BrightNest, it was as if a chorus of responsible angels started singing. What is BrightNest? It’s a lovely little website that aids you in keeping up with every home maintenance task from changing the batteries in your smoke detector to cleaning your refrigerator coils. They have loads of clever tips (check out this adorable homemade cleaning products infographic), helpful reminders, and you can even create a to-do list for a partner or roommate. My husband just loves that.

brightnest home maintenence dashboard

My favorite part of the BrightNest site is the Homefolio, which allows you to create a customized owner’s manual for your home. You can enter in paint colors, appliance manuals, warranty information, and professional contacts, all in one place. For someone plagued by a junk drawer overflowing with paint chips and food processor pamphlets, this is pretty amazing.

brightnest home maintenence owners manual

It’s totally free to sign up for a BrightNest account, and I think you’ll find it to be a handy little corner of the Internet.

So where do you fall on the household responsibility spectrum? A disorganized mess (like me), or do you have a photographic memory for home details? Can you come clean out my junk drawer?

25 Responses

  1. Tracie says:

    I'm gonna sign up for this. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Laura M. says:

    I organize everything in an OCD kind of way. This is something I will find helpful.

  3. Pat O'Connor says:

    The Homefolio has me excited.

  4. Jan says:

    I like the Home History part.

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  6. Luther Ford says:

    Home Maintenance is made easy by the help of those businesses who offer services for every home and business owners. My air condition at home got broken but good thing there are offered air conditioning repair in orlando.

  7. Linda Borja says:

    It's nice to clean our homes but sometimes we don't notice how much a mess we've made already. One time I got a commercial cleaner in Perth to help me out because I have no more time to clean my house. Good thing they charge reasonably.

  8. Kleine says:

    In the summer, our village association has a centralized fire service network and info drive for fire prevention season. They encourage us to have at least one fire extinguisher unit in our workplace.

  9. Jessica says:

    I'd still prefer boring some ventilation or windows through the walls of the cave. Slap on some timber shutters and it will be that much more homey.

  10. Diane says:

    A regular cleaning schedule for AC or buy dehumidifier will ensure efficient energy consumption. A clogged filter will make your unit consume more power due to dust suffocation.

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