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If money woes or the recent crazy weather has you vacationing at home this summer, now’s a great time to tackle some of the updates you’ve been putting off. Let’s start in the living room — after all,  it’s where you gather with family and friends and often the first room people see when entering your home. Time to show it some love. To get you started, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite living room updates that will add a lot of style for just a little cash.

With some lumber and trim, you could update your fireplace surround:Update Your Fireplace Surround

Or hit yard sales or unfinished wood stores for a matching pair of bookcases to fake the look of built-ins:Fake Built-In Bookcases

 Add some style underfoot with a graphic rug:Add a Graphic Rug

Clear the clutter and creatively style your bookshelves:Tidy Up Your Bookshelves

Turn dollar store hula hoops into a funky chandelier:Make a Hula Hoop Chandelier

Give new life to an old bench by turning it into 2 side tables:
Repurpose an Antique

Or give the room a whole new vibe by painting the floors:Paint the Floors

What do you think, ready to give your family room or den a budget-friendly makeover? Then, check out more smart chic living room ideas here.

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  2. Vickie P. says:

    You've pointed out some great ideas.

  3. Toni Elias says:

    I like that idea of matching bookcases to look like built-ins. Great suggestion.

  4. Linda says:

    Been trying to muster up courage to paint the floor in my sun room. Painted floors always look so good but I'm afraid I will mess it up somehow.

  5. Morgan says:

    I don't really like the hula hoop chandelier but whoever thought of that is pretty inventive.

  6. Nanette Dean says:

    I love your shows. Property Brothers. Yard Crashers House. Crashers. Josh. Ahmed and Drew. and Jonathan are amazing in what they do. I am very happy and excited for those that get crashed. It is so exciting to see what all of these guys can do to transform plain or down right ugly into a thing of beauty. I know there is no chance that I could be so lucky to be crashed but I love to see what they accomplish. It is an awesome thing to watch. I am happy and excited to see there finished results. They are all so awesome. Jonathan works miracles on older homes his vision for remodel is amazing. I would trust any of them to do what they do best. Keep up the good work. And Thank You for putting more episodes on to watch. Thank you N. Dean ScCUt.

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  8. Terrence Eastbrook says:

    Pretty good ideas for any living room. In fact, I might just redecorate and see if I can't get the living room in my apartment for rent in antwerp to look like the first picture.

  9. DarylGrimes22 says:

    If any house will be on the property auctions in liverpool, which is being held every month, then I wouldn't mind buying it. But then again, a house with this type of design will surely have high offers from its buyers.

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H. Camille SmithCamille is a managing editor for HGTV.com, fine artist and antique furniture devotee. As a former interior designer and Nickelodeon animator, she has a real passion for balanced, beautiful interiors...


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