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BRIANA: Lemme run this one past you. Pedro Friedeberg’s iconic “Hand-Chair”: Crazy cool or just plain crazy?

silver hand chair

LEANNE: I want a set of eight of these around a table shaped like washboard abs.

BRIANA: Washboard abs table sold separately!

hand chairs around a table

CAMILLE: Tee hee! Meh, I’m not a fan of furniture that’s giving me the finger.

FARIMA: I agree with Camille! I think it’s hard to match this chair with any design style.

KAYLA: For some reason this chair reminds me of Legends of the Hidden Temple. (Clearly I’m a child of the ’90s.)

legends of the hidden temple

But, I’m just dying to sit in it, just not necessarily in my own home. Maybe around Leanne’s abs table?

ABBI: Might be worth it to have one around, just for the joke factor. My friend just moved into a new rental house and the previous owners left a hand chair in one of the bathrooms. When first-time visitors head towards that room, she says, “Let me know if you need a hand in there.” [insert groan here]

LILI: There’s a real Beetlejuice vibe to these hand chairs that I can’t get past. Like on a dark and stormy night, if someone whispers the wrong word three times they’re going to come to life and trap their occupants.

beetlejuice furniture

CAMILLE: Yeah, that sounds about right. They also remind me a little too much of King Kong.

king kong posterBRIANA: Ooh, good call! I’m still undecided, because while I think people like Kelly Wearstler handle this kind of sculptural statement well, and I love the hand chair in Emily Henderson’s office (Marianne, your pin reminded me of this)…

emily henderson's office with hand chair

I’m worried I could never stop thinking about the hand chair on Arrested Development enough to take it seriously if I had one.

JESSICA: I need some more nap-based functionality out of my creepy hand chair.
hands sofaMARIANNE: Whew, I’m late to this party. Do I even need to say that I would totally put one of these in my house?


You’ve heard what we think, now we’re handing it over to you…


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26 Responses

  1. Brian Patrick Flynn says:

    OMG, I never replied to this thread in email form! I actually kinda love a hand chair. I say kinda because I have one. I have one that is purple and plastic. It is purple and plastic and sitting high up on a rack in my prop warehouse, NOT in my home. So I guess I only like it sorta.

  2. Dana J. says:

    Not a fan of the hand.

  3. Brenda Davis says:

    It's so ugly it's cute. I like it myself.

  4. Eloise P. says:

    Yeah, I could take a nap on that thing.

  5. Francine O. says:

    Personally I just love it. I like something different and unique as opposed to normal and ordinary. So my vote is yes!

  6. Sam Hayes says:

    I like the one long enough to lay down on. A weird piece of furniture but I bet you don't have any friends with the same thing.

  7. Greta Long says:

    Unusual and modern.

  8. Unusual, unique, conversation-starting, and….weird. Nope, I can't stand the hand!

  9. Trisha Dean says:

    I'm with Camille…furniture giving me the finger I don't need. Can get that little gesture most any day.

  10. Amy Mc. says:

    I like these Defend the Trends.

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