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Don’t let the title of this blog confuse you – we aren’t saying that as a result of today’s happy hour you should hop, skip and go naked (but hey, it is summer…and it is hot out). Instead, keep your clothes on and enjoy some of this fun summer punch. In addition to having a name that in itself is a great conversation piece, Hop Skip and Go Naked Punch is also a favorite because it has something for everyone. With a recipe that calls for cold beer AND whiskey, you know you can’t lose.

Hop Skip and Go Naked PunchHop Skip and Go Naked Punch

The recipe calls for six cans of beer, a pint of whiskey, a can of frozen lemonade and two liters of soda. In other words, it’s meant to be shared with friends. So whip up a batch and invite the neighbors over, surprise your coworkers with an afternoon treat or be the most popular person at your family reunion.

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The punch can of course be made without the alcohol and the fizzy lemonade mixture would surely be welcome on a hot summer afternoon. However, that drink might just be called Hop Skip Punch because we are fairly sure that that naked part goes hand in hand with the whiskey and beer. Enjoy!

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11 Responses

  1. Jennifer L. says:

    This sounds yummo.

  2. Sally Y. says:

    I would like this without the alcohol.

  3. Keri Levinson says:

    Cute name for a drink.

  4. Tommie Salesta says:

    Perfect drink for the Bare Naked Ladies band. Just sayin'.

  5. Byron says:

    Looks good.

  6. Pack Fan says:

    We make our hop, skip and go naked in large quantities for tailgating. Our recipe is 1 12 pack beer, 2 2 liter bottles lemonade, and a handle of flavored vodka.

  7. Boycrazymom says:

    Like Pack Fan, we also use vodka. My MIL just called them Skip and Go Nakeds…

  8. A Vast There MATE says:

    Had a few of these served at a beach bar in Orange County California years ago. Was the rage for new drinks vodka,frozen lemonade,beer blended (w) plenty of ice. Called "Skip & Go Naked" had more then my share,as entered the ocean (w) suit pants and new wing tip shoes on in persuit of grunion that where running.

  9. predgastmatpurb says:


  10. danielle says:

    whats the best choice of beer?

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