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I have to warn you, this brilliant product is only a prototype, but I can’t help but admire the idea behind the Rambler Socket from Yanko Design.

yanko design rambler wall socket

As someone who is always hunting down an extension cord, the idea of having one built right into the wall is so intriguing. I would start by putting one in the corner where our Christmas tree goes up every year. Where would you install an outlet like this?


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  2. CplusE says:

    Great idea! I need these all over the house — my vacuum cleaner cord never seems to be quite long enough.

  3. RaeLynn says:

    I was thinking the same thing…vacuum cleaner being moved all over the house. Need this feature.

  4. John H. says:

    Outdoors, for those hedge-clippers and the extension cord you always deal with.

  5. 4Grammy says:

    I would love it in the bathroom to recharge the toothbrush so that it wouldn't have to sit right on the sink.

  6. Amy says:

    Agreed on the vacuum cleaner – this would speed up that process immensely! Garage seems like a good place for this guy too.

  7. Theresa Simpson says:

    Agreed on outside…this set-up would forever eliminated the question, "Where did I put that cord this time?"

  8. Craig Paterson says:

    i love the idea, i hate it when i am out of wire and want to site near radiator cover thing but unfortunately i have to done my work near the socket, so i need it but i think its not available in market.

  9. adasagxi says:

    good…. enough said.

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