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Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry laments the fact that his favorite yellow t-shirt, “Golden Boy”, is dying? (Here, I’ll jog your memory.) “Golden Boy” goes to t-shirt heaven and is replaced by “Baby Blue”, but if Jerry had been a little more DIY, he could have kept the spirit of “Golden Boy” alive. How, you ask? By reusing the tee to make some super-cute and super-comfy home decor! I know a lot of my favorite t-shirts tend to “die” in the summer when I am wearing them more often and I thought you might relate. So, don’t cry — gather up your threadbare Golden Boys and get inspired by these t-shirt crafts I dug up on Pinterest.

t shirt pillow

This t-shirt pillow from Chez Larsson via Apartment Therapy is perfect for either well-loved graphic tees or the souvenirs you’d rather admire from afar than plaster all over your chest. And I bet it’d be so soft to cuddle up with on the couch.


t shirt art

Sure, old tees can get second lives as hand-me-downs, but they can just as easily become art, as in this kids’ room from Country Home. Canvas stretcher bars and a staple gun were used to “frame” all the artwork shown, but I imagine this would also work in a fabric hoop. You could even mix and match both shapes to create a t-shirt gallery wall!


t shirt blanket
Got a sports fan in the home? This t-shirt blanket by Justine at You’re So Martha is the perfect way to use those team shirts and jerseys that should be, shall we say, retired. (Not a sports fan? Think concert tees.) If you have a sewing machine, this project will be a breeze.

t shirt pom poms

Did you know you can make pom-poms out of practically anything? It’s true. Tissue paper, cupcake liners, anything. And now you can add t-shirts to the list, thanks to the ingenuity of Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous. Hang ‘em on your door for some welcoming decor.

t shirt rug

There’s nothing like the comforting softness of a classic cotton tee. What if you could have that same feeling under your feet, as a DIY rug? Bliss! Head over to Monkeys In My Bed for all the instructions.

Which of these t-shirt crafts suit you to a T? And do you have any suggestions for household items to transform into cool crafts? Leave them in the comments here!



19 Responses

  1. Betty E. says:

    I like the kids' room from Country Home. Love the cowboy themed t-shirts.

  2. dbb says:

    Can you show us some crafts with refurbishing old picture frames?

  3. Eleanor says:

    The small rug is really cute.

  4. Holly says:

    I made a t-shirt quilt for myself a few years ago to preserve my old high school and college t-shirts. Now I have yet another collection of t-shirts that I never wear. I'm kind of digging the t-shirt art!

  5. Adrian E. says:

    I like the cowboy t-shirts a lot.

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  7. homezest says:

    This is really great. I appreciate the efforts you have made for this post. I like it.

  8. forcomiver says:


  9. Alaric says:

    The printed t-shirts are very eye candy. I like its colors. I do only have a thing for simplicity and prints.

  10. getsurveytool says:

    wow great article thanks for sharing. its very helpful information.

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