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Even though my walls are all a stark white, I’ll admit that I love to pore over new wallpaper designs. And while Paper Boy may call their “Hand Made” design children’s wallpaper, I think it would make a statement in a powder room or even an office.

paper boy shadow puppet wallpaper

Don’t you want to try and recreate all of the shapes yourself?

10 Responses

  1. Betty says:

    I'm loving this wallpaper.

  2. Candice P. says:

    It's too busy for me but it's really different.

  3. Mary S. says:

    One wall in an office would look good.

  4. vlj says:

    I think kids would love this wallpaper.

  5. Therersa Simpson says:

    This wall paper would be great in a pediatrician's waiting room.

  6. Renee says:

    NO!!! Way to busy and annoying!

  7. Chris Morgan says:

    I agree with the pediatrician's waiting room idea. Never thought of that…it would be perfect and so entertaining for kids as they wait.

  8. wallwallpaper says:

    Wow! These are nice photos! :) Nature is really the best inspiration for art. Well, that is of course my opinion. :) Desktop Wallpaper, HD Wallpaper, Wallpaper Background Computer Wallpaper

  9. benhealththormo says:

    ha. not bad )

  10. wacogkeco says:

    good…. enough said.

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