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It’s been quite a summer, color-wise. We started things off with wild and crazy Neon, then we toned it down with beachy Driftwood Grey. Now here we are in August, and the temperatures are climbing. After weeks of blue skies and candy colored sundresses, my eyes are craving a break. Something cool and crisp that feels effortlessly classic and perfectly modern all at once. That’s right, for August we are all about the color white.

Color of the Month - White (Alvhem Interiors)

photo: Alvhem Interiors

After an intense debate, Grant was voted this month’s winner among the color team with his clever “White: Yes, it’s happening.” Pinterest board. Grant came in ready to defend this colorless color, but in the end we didn’t take much convincing. White is everywhere right now, from floors to furniture. White works with traditional styles, as seen in the lovely Scandinavian breakfast nook above, and with super modern styles like the pod chairs and lacquered floor below.

Color of the Month - White (Richard Powers)

photo: Richard Powers

So what say you, eagle-eyed Design Happens readers? Do you dare to decorate with white?

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  1. rosemary bellinger says:

    Continuation from above – The Courage of Color – by Rosemary Bellinger

    My project at Trump Towers in Palm Beach had a breakfast nook capable of accepting a minimal amount of trimmings. Small yet adequate, it was bland and quite uneventful before I arrived. Looking to excite this cozy eating area and give it a personality compatible with the rest of the living space, the client wanted more than my original presentation. The design of the teak egg crate suspended ceiling was fabulous as it gave the room the architectural detail that it was screaming for. Suspended about 4 " from the apartment's ceiling… with 4" borders from the walls…how effective and unique ! The mini recessed lighting fits so perfectly in the ceiling squares ( ' egg crates ' ) as it discretely splays and diffuses just enough light in the room.

    The table, ( Black & Linet ), aptly accompanied by 4 leather director-like chairs on stainless legs ( Black & Linet ), echoes the stainless appliances and cabinet " pulls ".

    Continued in the few next commentaries

  2. rosemary bellinger says:

    Continuation from above – The Courage of Color – by Rosemary Bellinger

    Everything looked fabulous, but the area was needy. The space needed the WOW factor. Why not use the accent color ( terracotta ) that I carried through the entire apartment…why not apply a venetian plaster texture to the breakfast nook wall in a shade of terracotta ?

    Clearly, it was the vibrancy of the brick / terracotta venetian plaster that gave the room the kick that it needed. The poreless sheen of the Venetian Plaster, the texture of the teak ceiling, the leather chairs, and the grass covered walls mixed and mingled well, but it was the courage of COLOR that stole the show.

    Rosemary Bellinger


    Timeless in age, Classic by style….
    Room Designs that ALWAYS endure !

    ( <a href="http://www.rosemarybellingerinteriors.com” target=”_blank”>www.rosemarybellingerinteriors.com )

  3. kitchenqueen says:

    I am in the middle of a kitchen reno. When my husband and I bought our 1912 bungalow we knew the kitchen would be the first project. (We actually did the living room first, thankfully) I told my husband that I wanted white floors, carrera marble countertops (I have a Q about this), white subway tile backsplash to the ceiling and white schoolhouse pendants. We chose saltwater blue shaker cabinets to break up the monotony. (We live on the coast) Let's just say he was a little nervous. We just finished the floors and he is absolutely thrilled. I think he is starting to see how it's going to come together. So, now for my carrera marble question. Several people have tried to discourage us saying it stains easily. How easily, exactly? How would I clean up red wine (I foresee a spill)

  4. Monica says:

    In what part of Guatemala are you moving in? You are going to go crazy with all the wood furniture and textiles you can find in Antigua Guatemala. I´m from El Salvador is next to Guatemala. Hope you like Guatemala :)

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  6. Summer says:

    White is clean and crisp. This reminds me of the white color pallette used to decorate this year's Urban Oasis in Miami. It really does look great!

  7. marilyn says:

    very classic

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