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BRIANA: Splatter paint. Does it look carefree or just careless? Is it cool or childish? (Extra points for Jackson Pollock references.)

splatter chair

JESSICA: I think it’s pretty snazzy, but if I actually had it in my home I would be driven to madness attempting to “clean” it.

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: Most of the time splatter paint on furniture makes me want to shoot it with a machine gun or set it on fire in the middle of a tiny island where there are no trees to harm or wildlife to displace. To do it right, it really takes a skilled artist. Splatter paint is 100% about balance. Negative space is the trick. And keeping the palette tight. Stick with three colors or several shades of the same color: violet, plum, grape, all against a black or silver fabric.

SARAH: I can envision this chair in my home (as an accidental DIY project that would also feature Cheetos orange-colored finger prints). It would look fabulous in my kids’ playroom.

MARIANNE: I think it can be fun when it’s used right — think more Kelly Wearstler than Crayola.

splatter wallpaper

KAYLA: If it doesn’t look like that foyer above, then all I can think about is this:

splatter paint clothing

LILI: That whole, “Is it a Jackson Pollock or is it my 5-year-old?” is ever-present for me. Maybe one slight exception would be in small accessories:

splatter accessories

CAMILLE: Ugh, I hate it. Not only does it look like a mistake, it reminds me too much of a crime scene:

michael c hall in dexter

LEANNE: Ok, look at Jackson Pollock. This is No. 5, from 1945:

splatter pollock

Splatter chair, you’re no Jackson Pollock.

LIZ: I think it looks good if 1) targeted and 2) large splatters. So, this:

splatter dresser

Not this:

splatter floor

It just looks like the floor hasn’t been swept in 8 to 10  months. There’s a reason Jackson Pollock painted a canvas, not his floorboards.

MARIANNE: Those floors are making me twitchy.

JESSICA: At the end of the year we should have a splatter paint party with all the Colors of the Month.

LIZ: Yes! It will be just like this.

YouTube Preview Image

 You’ve heard us talk about the technique, now tell us what YOU think…


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10 Responses

  1. Awful. I have and nver will find a good reason for it!

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Ugly doesn't come close to describing this!

  3. Cynthia Y. says:

    I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…but ugly is too. For me anyway, this is ugly.

  4. Meagan R. says:

    The chair gives me the creeps!

  5. CplusE says:

    I actually like splatter paint done well and used right, especially if it injects some much-needed color into an otherwise bland and boring room. The Hinson & Company Splatter Wallpaper in these bathrooms is quite lovely:



    I would buy these splatter paint curtains if the fabric was cotton and not polyester — the pattern almost looks like an abstract floral:


    Even Emily Henderson finds herself drawn to a wild and wacky splatter paint chair:


    However, when overdone or done poorly, splatter paint is just oh-so-wrong:


    Talk about a (design) crime scene! How could someone do this to an otherwise perfectly nice room? To each his/her own, I guess, but I would think twice before accepting an invitation to this house!

    • Liz_HGTV says:

      Wow…that red splatter paint is horrific. Can you imagine trying to read, or really, do anything there?

      • CplusE says:

        LOL! About the only thing I could see doing in that room is filming a horror movie or a crime drama!

  6. Sherrie H. says:

    I don't like this look.

  7. Naomi B. says:

    No no a thousand times no.

  8. esther says:

    I like it!
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