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Remember the first day of school? You had your new jeans, a fresh notebooks and pencils, and the teacher had a clean, pristine chalkboard on which to write their name and approximately 10,000 other things that would give your hand spasms after a summer filled with lots of swimming, summer camps and pretty much zero note-taking. But I digress.

Even if you’re not headed back to school or off to college, you can still get that first-day feeling this fall by adding chalkboard decor in your home. Best of all, you get to decide what (and how much) you write on the walls, the doors or yes, even the headboard. Check out these creative chalkboard decor ideas from some of our favorite bloggers and designers.

Birdhouse Interior Design - Chalkboard Painted Door

Design by Birdhouse Interior Design

The beauty of chalkboard paint is that if you can paint it, you can write on it. Case in point: When the design team at Birdhouse Interior Design opted not to use an original door in this 1910 farmhouse remodel, they repurposed it as an art piece in the bathroom. It’s coated in chalkboard paint and scrawled with a whimsical Dr. Seuss quote.

Lauren Liess - Chalkboard Refrigerator

Design by Lauren Liess

Designer Lauren Liess transformed her almond-colored fridge into a functional chalkboard perfect for her son’s latest artwork or family grocery lists. I am ready to do this! Want to paint your own refrigerator? Clean thoroughly, then lightly sand before cracking open the chalk paint.

Chalkboard wall - Janel Beals

Design by Janel Beals

Chalkboard walls are great, but to make yours unique, try adding empty frames in a matching hue to your gallery wall like Janel Beals did here. Fill the frames with favorite quotes, appointments, Ryan Gosling’s profile — whatever you like.

Chalkboard Backsplash

Design by Shaleah Soliven

To help ground a wall filled with nothing buy heavy mahogany cabinetry, designer Shaleah Soliven of The Gold Jellybean decided to use chalkboard paint to make the kitchen space both bold and functional. “We use the backsplash to write notes, and the space above the upper cabinets has become our designated calendar area,” Shaleah says.

Design by Nester Smith

When blogger Nester Smith wanted to dress up her traditional gas fireplace, she added chalkboard decals and drew chalk “bricks” to create modern, whimsical style.

Design by Maureen Toribio; Silhouette image by Suzie Harrington of Petite Prints

Turn a plain piece of wood into a whimsical DIY headboard with chalkboard paint and a handmade stencil, like this one designer Maureen Toribio created. She used dustless chalk to keep pillows and blankets pristine.

Find even more creative chalkboard paint ideas and fall decorating inspiration in our Fall Trends feature.

16 Responses

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  2. Debbie says:

    I love the chalkboard look, anywhere someone wants to use it!

  3. Frances says:

    I did a door in chalkboard paint and I love it. Neatest thing in my condo.

  4. shani says:

    the gas fireplace is very creative

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  6. RAJ says:

    Chalkboard paint is a great invention. I have it in a couple of places in my home.

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  9. DesignStaging says:

    Now adults can write on surfaces too!

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