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It’s that time again, friends. Grab your wallet and run to the newsstands because the September issue of HGTV Magazine is out! (You could always save yourself time and get every issue delivered right to your door by becoming a subscriber.) I say this every time, but the cover is gor-ge-ous and color-packed. This issue is chock-full of painting and color ideas that will help take your home right into fall. Plus, for those of us who need a little advice, there are plenty of storage, maintenance and creative decorating tips to stylishly update the home. So, take a peek into the glossy pages of the newest issue, and then buy one for yourself so you can really dive in!

HGTV Magazine - David Bromstad House TourHouse Tours: David Bromstad’s True Colors

For years I’ve been imagining the interior of David Bromstad’s Miami home. I’ve always pictured bold colors (duh!), one-of-a-kind artwork and eccentric decor. I was totally right, but it exceeded my expectations. And by the way, it didn’t always look this way.

David says, “When I first moved in, I tried to create a whole ‘Mr. Color Splash’ look. I painted the living room walls turquoise and put an orange cover on the couch with red pillows. Then I stopped, looked around and said, ‘I can’t live like this.’ It was the ugliest thing I’d ever done. So I returned 80 percent of the stuff I bought, painted the room white and added some ‘Mr. Color Splash’ touches.”

HGTV Magazine - David Bromstad House Tour

See David’s dining room, living room, bedroom and more with this exclusive condo tour.

HGTV Magazine - Stylish Storage SolutionsStylish Storage Solutions

Oh, how I love storage solutions, especially pretty and clever ones. Watch spice holders become accessory tamers and vases become utensil holders with these clutter-busting ideas. See All 12 Stylish Storage Solutions >>

HGTV Magazine - Copy the Curb AppealCopy the Curb Appeal

We’re encouraging you to steal…curb appeal. This month, HGTV Magazine scanned a neighborhood in Kansas City, Mo. for homes with exceptional exteriors, and now they’re telling you how to get the look. From matching paint colors to light fixtures, you can turn your home into a curbside beauty, too. Steal the Look From These Beautiful Homes >>

Have you picked up your copy yet? Buy one, and then let us know what you think of the fall issue in the comments below.

15 Responses

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  2. Carmen says:

    I love this magazine and can't wait to see David's home.

  3. Beverly C. says:

    This has quickly become my favorite magazine. And I love David!

  4. Menou2442 says:

    I subscribed to this magazine in February and have only received one issue. I tried to contact customer service or through a contact us but all those sites have been blocked and do not allow access. What do you think is going on? What a screwed mess. They said there would be 10 issued a year but one since February is unacceptable.

    • Bertha says:

      I had the same problem and was finally advised to contact the post office, which I did and would you believe I received the very next issue. Almost seems like the postman was enjoying my magazine.

  5. Brooke says:

    Love the idea of a vase holding kitchen utensils.

  6. blessed2do says:

    Oh my goodness I subscribe to hgtv magazine and I love it. It not only gives you great ideas but it tells you about the products and gives coupons and discounts on frames etc. My only question is on page 108 of the new issue when you are showing david bromstad you tell where to get everything but that white table that looks like a head or a face. David or HGTV where can I get that table I absolutely love it! Great issue this magazine will be a hit like hgtv.

  7. Mauicruiser says:

    I subscribed early on, only received two issues. when the June/July issue came out, I never received it. when I called they told me they were out and offered to extend my subscription. I decided to cancel. I have asked for a refund. what a disappointment…I enjoyed the magazine.

  8. LindaB says:

    Love the magazine but like the other post the magazine is a little slow in coming. I paid in full for one year 10 issues plus 2. I hope when I renew they can arrive before it hits the new stand.

  9. Mary says:

    I have received one issue of the magazine. When will the next issue arrive? What months are the 10 issues printed?

  10. Tina says:

    I moved in June and sent my change of address in June and received a reply that I was too late to get the August issue. Ridiculous! And there's no option for me to even purchase a past issue. I've been and avid HGTV and DIY supporter for years and jumped on board immediately when you advertised the magazine was going to be available. It's been a nightmare to say the least. Yeah I know it's not the worst thing in life, but when you look so forward to receiving a magazine that you can lose yourself in for a bit and escape from the worries of life, it's a real thorn in your side.

    • Tina says:

      excuse me, it was the june/july issue that I couldn't get, even though my issues always come at the end of the last issue month. So June/July I would've received the end of July which didn't make sense that I was too late to be able to receive the issue and is moreso stupid that I couldn't backorder one and pay for it.

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