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I have yet to dip my toes in the ocean this summer. That’s just crazy talk, right? As I plot my escape to the coastline, I’m dialing the tone of Mood Board Monday back a llllot with a hue that’s synonymous with summer and crashing waves. It also has a cool, retro look that makes it that much more perfectly suited for the season. (Imagine riding in that vintage seafoam green convertible below.) It’s close to mint green but a little more subdued. Dive in.

Mood Board Monday - Seafoam GreenVintage Car Print/Etsy :: Retro Refrigerator/fine ting og sjokolade :: Seafoam Green Kitchen/BHG :: Gown/Karen Caldwell Design ::Fabric Party Garland/Etsy :: Dining Room/Design Style :: Faux Taxidermy/Trampt :: Seafoam Sangria/The Fairy Godmothers :: Lucite Beads/Delphine’s Flower Bead Shop :: Seafoam Ikat/Spoonflower

What’s your take on seafoam green? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below.


Mood Board Monday

134 Responses

  1. Carmen R. says:

    Seafoam green is a wonderful color. I love the vintage look of this and thank you for choosing it today.

    • Guest says:

      I love seaform green and in my minds eye I always see a loving lady wearing a seaform green dress with layers of chiffon flowing and blowing in the breeze on the beach. Just like the on in the picture provided.

  2. Dana says:

    This is my very favorite color ever.

  3. Melanie Young says:

    The kitchen pictured is just breath-taking.

  4. Miss Dynamite says:

    Such a beautiful soft green!

  5. AZ Granny says:

    I think I want to do my Master bed and bath in this cool cool shade

  6. knox bridge says:

    Lovely, peaceful color. It's always been a favorite since I can remember. I like the kitchen cabinets with the stainless appliances better than the sea foam fridge. The color reminds me of my grandmother's milk glass and my first(hand-me-down) bike which I painted with leftover wall paint from the living room in our new house.

  7. Guest says:

    As my old Mary Kay director used to say "The hands that pull you up by the bootstraps are the ones at the end of your own arms." If you need to get out and get a place of your own, the first step is to make sure you have the funds to pay for a larger place. Then go to a real estate office for either rentals or sales and talk to an agent.

  8. Cloud nine says:

    Seafoam green – ahh, fabulous! It's the perfect accent color for a guest bedroom/bath at the beach — and what could be a more feminine, romantic yet sexy color than that of the gown above — like floating on a cloud. Who couldn't look manifique surrounded with such a color.

  9. ted's mom says:

    In my 1950's bathroom the tub is sea foam formerly pistacio like the tiles that border the room. I suppose the sink and the toilet originally were also sea foam. Up until 4yrs ago I hated the color because it was so hard to find anything to coordinate. Now I have painted wide stripes of the shade on the walls and the ceiling is the lightest shade. I love it!

  10. Kathy says:

    Two of my Mom;s old chairs came out of storage, and they were upholstered Seafome color,probably 20 years ago Since they.are in good shape, i decided to incorporate the color into my livingroom. I was surprised to find some current decor items in that color to tie them into my living room. I really like the color!

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