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I enjoy looking inside folks’ homes. When I drive by a house in the evening and their curtains are still open, I admit that I slow down (no, I’m not some creepy peeping tom). I just want to see how they have things styled (what’s on their walls?, do they have cool lamps?). I want a feel for the atmosphere that the inhabitants have created.

That same curiosity translates over to online photos of celebrity homes. I love ‘em! I could look at these images all day. Half the time I’m not even a fan of the Hollywood star, but I still want to see how they live. Not a day goes by when I don’t check the Celebrity Homes feature on HGTV’s FrontDoor.com where I can view shots like:

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Home

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Home

Robert Redford Home

Robert Redford Home

Are you curious to see how the rich and famous live? Or, are you perfectly content just checking out the neighbor’s house? (They should close their drapes if they don’t want us looking — right?).


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  1. Jan Sprayberry says:

    I do the same thing. Take a look inside homes at night when the curtains are open.

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  3. RAJ says:

    Believe me, you're not the only one who looks into peoples' houses at night. I do it and a lot of my friends do it too! And at Christmas time, that's even better.

  4. pixelecho69 says:

    Of course we have all done it it's in our nature to be curious we like to see how other people decorate and fix
    their gardens I like to take some tip's .

  5. Linda says:

    I also love to take walks at night and it's wonderful to see lights in the window and family things happening inside. I also like to go to open houses.

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