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BRIANA: We may be through with a trend, but that doesn’t mean a trend is through with us. I spotted a Keep Calm and Carry On tray in a kitchen in House Beautiful’s July/August issue and a mug in this recent Apartment Therapy post about HomeGoods.

keep calm mug

So, where does your KCACO opinion fit on this chart? Backlash? Backlash to the backlash? Have you always liked it? Always hated it? Has it gone so far out that it’s circled back around to being in again? Has it transcended trendiness and gone straight into timelessness? Am I asking too many questions?

JESSICA: Confession time: I still like it. They had one of these blown up at Target a few months ago and if I had the money at the time, it would be sitting in my kitchen right now:

keep calm cupcakes

I will admit, the KCACO phrase is a little tiring. Good thing people are scraping the phrase and keeping the style though:

i love blogs print

FARIMA: I still love it too, especially when I see a creative one, like this:

keep calm drink wine print

But I think it’s annoying when it doesn’t make sense, like this one:

keep calm and frat on tee

LEANNE: I want one that says “Keep Calm; Take a Xanax.”

GRANT: I don’t like being bossed around like I’m some chump. I see this and think, “Y-O-U stay calm and go away!”

LILI: I like the traditional Keep Calm design and typography. It’s been diluted in the last two or three years. But as a piece of design? I still like it very, very much. Mind the Gap, too.

mind the gap

KAYLA: I loved it until everyone started making it:

Now I’m just exhausted. But I have to say, there is ONE exception to this for me and it’s this.

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: I think the KCACO graphic art and the FOR LIKE EVER graphic art defined a certain time in design: The end of the Domino Magazine era and the height of Brooklyn modernism. That being said, I think it’s great as an indicator of interiors circa 2007-2008. But people should just own up to the fact that it’s gonna be a bit dated and overdone.

BRIANA: KCACO feels like the design equivalent of “Call Me Maybe”. Loved it the first few times, but its reign must end. Give it ten years and I’ll probably be sentimental about it, though. Like, I’ll find that Keep Calm mug in a thrift store and buy it for two bucks.

I did like the comment someone made on that HomeGoods post about the true meaning behind it:

I think (and hope) that “Keep Calm and Carry On” will never go ‘out of style’. [...] When I see that poster, I think of the 33,000 people who died in the Blitz, the Londoners who fought, prayed, and barely lived through that horrible horrible war, with a grace and bravery that has never been seen in the general public. [...] I think of my Granny sitting under her stairs waiting for the buzz bombs to pass overhead and spare her street, and her neighbors. And when I am having a tough day, or week, or moment, I think of them and what they went through, and I realize that if they could do what they did, I can get through anything.

Kinda makes me feel guilty for ragging on it.

You’ve heard us carry on about this trend, now tell us what you think:



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4 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    We need to move on.

  2. Samantha says:

    I'm carrying on.

  3. Fiona says:

    As an Anglophile, I love it. It's become as iconic as the Union Jack for me. And I love it combined with the Union Jack, like at <a href="http://www.decorativethings.com” target=”_blank”>www.decorativethings.com

  4. Me says:

    hey ….. funny story….i’m online and sign up for something and don’t wanna use my real name so i use guillermo jose bowden….not 6 weeks later…i start recieving Billboard magazine! i knew those fuckers would be selling my name. so now, i go thru Billboard every month and pick a few artists to listen to and youtube…that’s how i found Macklemore and WAX. Two really cool artists with some GREAT MUSIC! I also am inspired by and admire their independence…indie status….Just wanted to tell you…there are plenty of ways to download music for free …. and I do…..cept when it’s someone like you…an indie….Just paid the $9.99 on itunes to BUY your record!! Supporting your art dude!!
    Billy B

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