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Been hosting some late summer picnics and backyard barbecues? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what to do with the leftover food (potato salad, mmm!), but you might not be making the most of your other leftovers. Namely, the paper plates. Take a look at these paper plate crafts I found through Pinterest and you’ll see they aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, some of them could make charming additions to your next outdoor party. Get ready to MacGyver in 3…2…1…

paper plate magnolia napkin ring holder
 If you think you can’t use paper plates at a fancy dinner party, think again. Perch these pretty magnolias from Aunt Peaches atop napkin rings for a touch of unexpected texture. (And if you’re careful, you can reuse them, which is more than you can say for paper plates that have had kabobs all over them.)

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paper plate clock

What time is it? It’s crafting time! A paper plate, a clock kit, a pen and some Velcro is all you need to make this wall clock. How simple is that? This project really plays up the plate’s cool shape and pattern — perfect for a kids’ room. Head to Momtastic to get the full tutorial.

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paper plate baskets

Paper plates might be okay for burgers and dogs, but they’re less than ideal for anything that rolls. These cute paper plate “baskets” from Sarah Hearts solve all that with some clever snips, folds and washi tape. (Unless you want half of your food to fall to the ground, but that sounds like a very sad diet plan.)

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paper plate pompoms

Pom-poms just got a lot more geometric. Not only are these paper poms from Anders Ruff Custom Designs festive, as Apartment Therapy points out, you can make them for next to no money and adjust the size as needed. Don’t have colored paper plates hanging around? Spray paint the white ones any shade you desire. Peek at tons more pics on Hostess With the Mostess.

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paper plate backdrop

Speaking of Hostess With the Mostess, that’s where I spotted this paper plate party backdrop by Kate Landers. It looks so architectural and much more expensive than you’d guess. Buy a few packs, use some for the decor and some for the cake and ice cream. Two birds, one plate!

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Which craft made the paper plate truly great? And are there any objects or materials you’d like this column to cover? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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