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Remember the days of decorating your locker with magazine cut-outs of a celebrity crush? I had a collage of Joey from NKOTB. (I’d like to give a shout out to Tiger Beat for the dreamy pictures). The latest boy band sensation, One Direction, might not get as much locker love because many teen girls are opting for high-style décor.

LockerLookz offers a collection of glamorous magnetic wallpaper, chandeliers (with motion sensor lights) and fashionable accessories, like clocks, valances and rugs.

Teen girls can express their personal style at school with decorating ideas and products from LockerLookz

Girls can get decorating ideas by designing a virtual locker where they mix and match products to find the perfect look.

A variety of interior decorating styles from LockerLookz

What do you think about this trend?


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25 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    After looking at this stuff I wish to go back to my school and college days so that I too can decorate my locker exactly like these!!!.

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  3. popsicla says:

    wow this is the worst idea ever it looks like a baby barffed all over it

  4. Destinya says:

    Well just because you rude people don't like the locker designs doesn't mean that that others don't like the lockers. And I like the lockers…… The lockers are for teens not adults duh. I am in high school and I think that this locker would great for other people.

  5. Selena says:

    I like the idea. I wanna do the same thing to my locker. We have like 30 minutes for locker time.
    I am 9 years old and in the 4th grade.:)

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  7. cierra harrell says:

    i love it its amazing and i love it

  8. cierra harrell says:

    this is not my real name

  9. Girl says:

    I like the wallpaper but twitch the other stuff it seems to be just a tad too crazy

  10. Luvit! says:

    I love how the chandler looks in my locker ,want wallpaper that is the right size for my locker, but everything is so expensive.
    I soo wish I was able too fit in,
    Not worry about the next school day.
    Am i the only one?

  11. lovepurplecupcakes says:

    YEAH! I like the idea so…..GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  12. Me! says:

    Me also!

  13. Iluvit! says:

    Selina I have a question
    Do you have a locker yet?

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