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I’m a single guy in the market for new bedding. And let me tell you, it is not easy to find a masculine look with some semblance of color. I don’t want all this black, brown and navy blue that I seem to find everywhere — come on, not all dudes are afraid of a brighter hue here and there.

It appears that Bed Bath + Beyond has come through for me, though. I’m sold on their Willamsport Plaid collection.

Plaid Bedding

 Am I the only person who struggles to find non boring, non floral bedding?



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  1. CplusE says:

    It's even harder to find bedding when you don't care for flowers or plaid! The Metro Square bedding from The Company Store is nice and colorful, while Cuddledown has a more muted but unique bedding collection called Antique Map. And if you are serious about color, there is a website called Deny Designs that carries a pixellated bedding set aptly named Glorious Colors (check out the whole website — they have some truly wild and crazy design ideas).

    (I tried to post links but the blog admin wasn't having it, so you are on your own with Google!)

  2. RAJ says:

    I think the red plaid is great. And masculine.

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  4. Steve says:

    Okay there is no right or wrong as far as looks. I am not a fan of plaid bedding, but there is a lot of bedding choices out there. I like to decorate in neutrals – as you don’t get tired of the look. If you need color bring it in with throws and accent pillows. Here is a blog article that discusses this a bit as well as a vey of my blog articles on this subject – this is a no sales pitch blog. https://www.verolinens.com/blog/want-a-great-bedr… & https://www.verolinens.com/blog/decorating-with-s… as well as a number of articles on how to. As well Vero Linens was selected as an essential for men by Men's Journal in the MJ Essentials Issue – MArch 2012.

  5. Cindy V. says:

    I like the plaid.

  6. Mike says:

    Wow – the plaid looks ok for a male – if your under 16 years old. Okay it might work in a rustic log cabin. But really, what self respecting man would want to sleep or entertain in that bed. Step it up a few notches. I also agree there are a lot of floral prints out there and they would look worse than the plaid – but not a lot.

  7. Mike says:

    I also think that unless your in a cabin – deer heads and airplane pillows should be avoided (maybe – but only maybe a finished basement couch) . The only thing that would make this bedroom more tackier is a foot ball jersy or Farrah Fawcett poster hung on the wall. This is not a sophisticated look, it is sophomoric!

  8. Margaret says:

    I think you should stay neutral and just use a few "plaid" pillows as an accent. It is too busy with the same pattern all over and maybe a little like a cabin. That blog (verolinens) mentioned above kinda of says the same thing. Thanks for the tip/info. Steve! There were some helpful tips there – even for a seasoned homemaker like me.

  9. pixelecho69 says:

    It is hard for a man to go shopping but there are some pretty nice comforter sets out
    there just be patient.

  10. Pete says:

    I'm over 16 and happen to have a similar look in my room. To each his own pal.

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