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When Grant Dudley said, “White: Yes, it’s happening,” he wasn’t kidding.

Part of what I do at HGTV.com is track audience trends and this color of the month is white-hot in the bedroom.

White bedding looks fresh and dreamy, however, it might be a nightmare for people with pets and kids.

By designer Troy Beasley

If white linens seem impractical, perhaps one of these white headboards would work.

By designer Erinn Valencich

Flip through hundreds of photos in Designers’ Portfolio for white bedroom ideas.

By designer Shane Inman

White might be a little risky in the bedroom, but Grant’s popular August hue is certainly worth considering. It could set the backdrop for incorporating the next hot color of the month.

Are you a fan of this white trend? Tell us what you think.


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11 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Clean, Clean, Clean….white gives an ambiance of freshness..don't we want our whites to be white? Ahhhh, dreaming of waking up in this one…entering and entering….is there any particular way HGTV personnel decide on the winner…waiting and hoping for a new change and hope this one is the one I can share a new life with family and friends….any secret to win? I'll volunteer for the show….

  2. Steve C says:

    An all white bed always looks great. I like to decorate a bed in white, if color is desired add it with a few Euro shams, decorative pillows or a throw. One can easily change the entire look of a bed by doing this. Many will use jewel tones in the fall & winter & pastels in the spring and summer. This is an inexpensive way to have (2) completely different looks.
    Here is a no- sales pitch blog that hopefully offers some good information on bedding <a href="http://www.verolinens.com/blog/” target=”_blank”>www.verolinens.com/blog/

  3. Carmen says:

    Really like the look in that second photo.

  4. Deborah Flowers says:

    I love the crisp freshness of white bedding! White towels also.

  5. JANICE says:

    i love it, but the headboard would need to be a color something easy to wash,we lean back and my honey has black hair and would soil any cloth i did this and no ,BIG mistake,but otherwise i can wash it several times and decorates w pillow's and special items for each season,i think it work's in any bedroom:)JANICE OBEMBE

  6. INES says:

    I love white, peaceful, CLEAN!!! and ~like a cloud~ … and very easy to keep!!! just a little of bleach!!!

  7. Samantha says:

    I feel like when i sleep on my white bed sheets, i get good happy dreams lol!! I really like the color white :)

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  8. John says:

    White is my all time favorite color, hence you will find only white bedsheets at my place!!!

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  9. Maria Judd says:

    Loving the padded bedheads! It's a classic.

  10. Colby says:

    You're right on the money with the white and dreamy parts. If any hotels in hyde park have beds like that, then my search for a place to stay for my business trip is over.

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