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BRIANA: Patchwork is picking up again. So let’s stitch together some opinions on this trend. Homespun sweetness or just a hot mess?

patchwork sofa

LILI: I posted the Oswald Squint patchwork sofa as a Daily Delight a while ago…

patchwork sofa

…and my thoughts on this sofa are essentially the same: I don’t know why I like it! My design style leans toward the classic, mid-century modern, the austere-with-a soft-edge. These patchwork pieces are the polar opposite. I can’t help myself from liking them, though. I think a crazy side chair like this Rug Collective one would make a perfect complimentary piece to my solid gray sofa:

patchwork chair

JESSICA: Patchwork headboard or bust:

patchwork headboard

MARIANNE: I can’t say this is my particular jam, but I was just at the NYIGF and I think that Kantha quilts are going to be the hot new textile trend:

patchwork quilts

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: There needs to be an element of randomness to doing patchwork, but a bit of cohesiveness, too. Perhaps a consistent palette that runs throughout the piece. But, in order for that palette to seem effortless, it needs to be applied in a somewhat imperfect manner, mismatched with a keen eye if you will. My favorite example of modern patchwork done right is with wallcovering, like this:

patchwork wall
Then again, I used to live in a kelly green and fire engine red loft packed with space-age furniture and 16-foot-tall photography walls, so perhaps my opinion is a bit warped.

CAMILLE: Sorry, but I vote hot mess. While I think quilts can look great in the right setting (meaning anywhere Sarah Richardson wants to use one). This just looks so haphazard and accidental. It’s like a fabric experiment gone awry – Franken-furniture. ::shudders::

GRANT: It all depends on the size of the piece. A sofa or chair is way too much — however, I think a little dab of patchwork in a space is fun (like this Chippendale stool).

patchwork stools

KAYLA: I’m not a fan. Not a fan at all. (Too many bad memories of patchwork scarecrow quilts and such.) This is the closest I’ll get to “patchwork” furniture:

patchwork table

patchwork unit

FARIMA: I absolutely LOVE patchwork. I think it takes a keen sense of style to put together crazy patterns and colors and actually make it work harmoniously. Anthropologie does that so well, which is why it’s one of my favorite stores. I mean how could you not love this bedding?

patchwork bedding

LIZ: No, I hate it.  Some pieces are uglier than others, but the fact remains: there is a really, really fine line between “crazy chic” and “crazy clown.”

Bill Murray can pull it off, though:

bill murray plaid

We’ve worked out our feelings about patchwork, now tell us what you think:


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  2. Marwa says:

    Well…way to go Heather!!!… CONGRATULATIONS …I totally love your pagcaking…Hmmmm…Do you have an Abbotsford outlet yet?…Your seagull story is all too familiar…when the kids were younger…we had a Granville Island picnic, outside with those famous, yummy fries on the menu. Poor Lizzy was only 14 at the time {and keep in mind, there was a little PMS happening that day as well}…Bill handed her a tray of the crispiest fries you ever did see, and a kamikaze seagull dove in and took not just one fry, but the entire tray! Needless to say, there were screams of fright, flailing arms, and a lot of tears…Oh my…not a good picnic. Your day looked to have turned out a bit better…Smile on Rosie

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