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Readers: I have a confession to make. Sometimes our Color of the Month meetings get a little…heated. It turns out that when you get a group of people together, all of them passionate about design and boasting a wide spectrum of style preferences, there are a lot of opinions worth discussing. And oh, do we ever discuss them.

Here we are in September, school is back in session and the first whiff of fall is in the air. And for the crack team of editors here at Design Happens, that means any number of things color-wise. It’s not quite full-on fall yet, so traditional autumnal colors don’t feel right. Pastels, neons, aquatic blues? Eh, too spring/summer. And so, do you know what color ended up being pitched in a record SIX different shades? Green. Everything from verdigris to citron to kelly, we were all fired up about Kermit’s favorite hue. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of discussion, we finally settled on our winner: Emerald Green.

Miles Redd emerald green living room

photo: Miles Redd

Farima was the big winner this month, after pitching her Emerald Green Pinterest board almost every month since last January (see what I mean about passionate?). Finally this gorgeous color felt just right—it’s a moody, deep green with a hint of blue undertones and it makes an amazing impact when used in decorating. Farima has this to say: “Vibrant and rich are the first words that come to mind when I see a space decorated with emerald green. Even though it’s a very trendy color right now, the jewel tone also brings a timeless look when paired with metallics and other rich colors. It’s a great shade to transition from summer to fall.”

Kishani Perera emerald green room

photo: Kishani Perera

Emerald green! It’s what we are loving for September. Check out the HGTV Color of the Month Pinterest board for even more emerald inspiration, and tell me: what do you think about this jewel tone?


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48 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    too much!!!! One wall would have been fine.

  2. Ash says:

    i like it. i think i would like it more if it were used as an accent color and not on all four walls

  3. gina says:

    LOVE emerald green!!!! Not a fan of some of furniture picks but LOOOOVVVEE the green

  4. Sylvia says:

    No, no, no! It hurts my eyes to look at this color!

  5. Maria Lako says:

    Love it green my favorite color

  6. Janet says:

    Ugly! Makes me think of leprachauns (sp).

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  9. Marlene says:

    Hello everyone! I agree with most of the comments here about the walls being way too green! But what about a hint of this color? It is pretty cool, after all! I was thinking carpets and rugs. Let me know what you think of this website: http://www.rugs-direct.com/Shop/Navigate/?searcht

  10. trish says:

    The 80's are back….all they need is mauve wall to wall carpeting!

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