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I’m sort of known for my disdain of camping. Seriously, why do folks enjoy it? But, I must admit — the CristalBubble from Bubble Tree may just be the thing that gets me woodsy and outdoorsy after all.


OK, I doubt that will ever happen but still — this is pretty darn cool!

Camping Tent

Camping Tent
Camping Tent
Camping Tent

So I’m asking you, what am I missing with the whole camping experience? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Erica says:

    What about ventilation? Isn't a screen-tent better? It's what we use. Lots of cool breezes, but no pesky bugs.

  2. ken Higgins says:

    what a way to enjoy the beautiful view of the night sky

  3. Jim Smith says:

    If you are asking that question, you must have been introduced to camping during a rainy spell in poor equipment. Try a Hennessey hammock tied near a beautiful quiet pond in the Adirondacks on a sunny August evening. That should allow you to answer your own question.
    p.s. With good rain gear it's even great in the rain.

  4. Travel #287 says:

    […] here via […]

  5. Jill says:

    You are missing out on getting real with nature, relaxing around a crackling campfire, stargazing, fresh air, peace & quiet…and this bubble tent is to die for! Put aside all of the practicalities such as privacy, ventilation, etc. & just daydream about where you'd put it, what you put inside, the kind of weather you prefer…

  6. Dhiren says:

    Wouldn'tit float away so close to the water with high tide

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