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Rate My Space user jayslights puts on a yearly show with a computerized light display.

I know, I know – it’s only September. But think about it this way: if you take advantage of the warm weather now to put up your main lights (don’t pull out that life-sized, electronic Rudolph just yet), you won’t have to worry about standing out in the cold come November. Just take a day or a weekend to set them up, then leave them off until you’re ready to take out the rest of your decorations.

And what’s holiday prep without your little helpers? Let your kids help decorate low areas, like porch banisters or shrubs, to get them excited for the upcoming holiday season. It may look and feel silly now, but you’ll thank yourself later when your neighbors are out in the freezing cold trying to put up their entire light display and you’re inside enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa!

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  1. Esteve Wynee says:

    Too early? I don't think so. If you're planning a big display, you'd better start planning in September or October. Back in the 60's you could plan for Christmas stuff as late as November. I remember if a person had Christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving, we would say it was too early. Not anymore.

  2. Edward says:

    I'd be done by now if my wife didn't come up with an outlandish design. Now I need to drop by the local tool store for a few things.

  3. COVALIN says:

    Interesting idea and I admire your come up!! Whatever you've suggested here seems to me very true and I think it's better to decorate home for Christmas bit early rather than decorating struggling through heavy cold. Thanks mate for inspiring reference.

  4. essay format says:

    Wow! So amazing. It's like putting all the stars to their house. LOL

  5. Strobin says:

    a day or a weekend to set them up, then leave them off until you’re ready to take out the rest of your decorations. <a href="http://www.panaceasocialmedia.com” target=”_blank”>www.panaceasocialmedia.com

  6. sakilhossen says:

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  7. SS Tubes says:

    Great Work There Indeed. Thanks for this interesting post here.

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