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Think you have an eye for design? Let’s find out! Each week we will feature a designer’s photo that has one key component hidden from your view. Will you be able to correctly choose the image’s missing element?

Choose the Best Fireplace

From the options below, which fireplace belongs in the living room above? Type A, B or C in the comments and we’ll reveal the correct answer tomorrow.

Choose A., B. or C.

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238 Responses

  1. Amanda stricklett says:


  2. Donna R. says:

    A if the based revealed below the blotted out part is really a part of the picture. But, B if it's not. B repeats the feeling and motif of the poster and stands out in contrast to all those white walls.

  3. thefinishingtouches says:


  4. akaycullins says:


  5. LaDon169 says:

    C, but I prefer B

  6. janalee says:

    i say c janalee

  7. mikeyparrot says:


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