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BRIANA: Maps. Ma-ah-ah-mah-ah-ah-ps. Wait.  They’ve been plastered on walls and are now all over accessories. So, are they sophisticated or stuffy? Do they make you feel classy or like you’re in a classroom? GO!

bathroom map from lonny

MARIANNE: I’m hot and cold on maps. I don’t care much for the wallpaper and the accessories don’t float my boat, but I think I will always love an old schoolhouse wall map.

GRANT: Hmmmf. Can globes be included? I’m very whatevs about flats, but I’m especially drawn to spinner collections.

globes and map
CAMILLE: I’m still a fan, especially when used in unexpected ways:

map floor

Or to spark a little explorer’s imagination:

kids room map

ABBI: I like a map when it’s functional, like this interactive map on Young House Love that tracks their travels:

interactive map

LILI: I only like people using maps in their decor when they actually mean something to the people who live in the space. Did you go to Paris on your honeymoon and now feel a kinship with the City of Lights? Great,  have a map of it in your living room.

paris map

Did you grow up in Wyoming and now keep a panoramic map in your living room? You’re good to go.

wyoming map
But maps for maps’ sake? I’m not a fan. Unless it’s a map of the brain:

brain map

KAYLA: I particularly love maps with a meaning too, like this national parks checklist. It marks all the national parks in the country and comes with colorful tree stickers, so each time you visit one you can “pin” it.

national park map

JESSICA: Love looking at maps, love the song “Maps”, but just can’t see myself incorporating a map into my decor. I would make one exception:

scratch off map

It’s a scratch-off map, covered in gold foil so you can track all the places you’ve been. Personally, I’m not sure I could resist scraping off random countries just to see what color they are. Definitely a product for people with high levels of self-control.

LIZ: I like map decor the same way I like Sriracha sauce; they both used to be all exotic, but now they’re just a ubiquitous way to spice things up. So I’m not going to jump out of my chair because someone used a map as wallpaper, but I wouldn’t turn down Jessica’s gold-leaf map, either.

You’ve navigated our feelings about maps — now tell us how you feel:


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22 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Maps are classic, inviting, intriguing and definitely display worthy!

  2. rosewood11 says:

    I wouldn't want one as big as the world map that took up the whole wall (above), but I LOVE the map on the floor!!!

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