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With the kids back in school and lazy days of summer coming to a close, you may have noticed laundry day is more like a full-time job. And if your machines are older, the chore may seem like a never-ending cycle (ha!).

One way you can speed up the process is by not only cleaning the lint from your dryer, but actually cleaning your lint screen. Lint can block air from circulating in your dryer, but mix that with continued, heavy buildup from the oils in fabric softeners and detergents, and you’d be better off just buying new clothes. All that gunk also creates a pretty hefty fire hazard, so it’s a good idea to clean it out regularly.

To clean out the lint:

-Unplug the dryer and pull it away from the wall (this is a good opportunity to sweep behind the machine, which also can slow down your dry cycle).

-If you have a dryer with a filter in the front, vacuum it out with a small attachment or use a duster.

-If you have a dryer with a screen on top, remove the screws from underneath the filter, then lift the top of the machine from the catches. Remove the two screws at the top, then pull the front panel forward until you’re able to see the drum. You should then be able to clear away all the lint.

Warning: the drum may tilt, but just hold it up while you’re cleaning – it won’t hurt the machine.

To clean the lint screen:

-To test if your lint screen needs cleaning, dust off any stuck-on lint, and then pour a couple of drops of water on it or run it under the sink. If the water passes through, you’re in the clear.

-However, if the water beads and sits on top, then it’s time to clean your screen. Just fill the sink with hot, soapy water and let soak for about 30 minutes and scrub off any stubborn grime with soft brush.

-Rinse with hot water – no water should get stuck or you’ll need to let it soak a bit longer – and then set out to dry.

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  2. Holly says:

    I have a stackable washer/dryer. Is there anything I need to do differently to clean out the dryer?

    • @jessicaykr says:

      You will still want to unplug the machine and pull it back so you can clean around it (though with a stackable dryer you will probably need some more man power!). Quite often, the buildup in the back of the dryer and in the foil vent hose can be just as problematic as the lint in the dryer.

      Typically with stackable dryers, you can just use the vacuum attachment or a duster to clean it out. Just grab a ladder (if needed) and pull out the screen and it will clear out an extraordinary amount of lint.

  3. RSS says:

    Good information to know.

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  9. Sheila Linn says:

    My dryer has a filter and I clean it every single time when I use it. Useful article! Regards! Chingford Carpet Cleaners Ltd.
    Sheila Linn

  10. alexzross says:

    I agree, very informative!

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