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Hello, Design Happens fans — Kate here again with another roundup of inspiring projects for the home in the continuing series on secondhand sprucing, and this time the focus is on main living spaces.  We all need a place to sit down, rest a book or drink, and visit with fellow residents or friends in a family room, and for most of us we need a place to relax while watching television. Naturally the furnishings we need include sofas, chairs, coffee and end tables, ottomans and storage units.

A secondhand sofa with a classic shape can be reupholstered in a modern fabric to give it a fresh look, or if the cushions are in decent shape, slip-covered for a casual and easy to clean option. Chairs are readily available on Craigslist and often you get lucky with a great set from your local Goodwill. One of the most clever ways to repurpose a coffee table is to cover it with foam and fabric and turn it into an ottoman!

Family Room Furnishings(Reupholstered sofa by Made by Girl; Bergere chairs by Design Manifest; Slipcovered hand-me-down sofa by Miss Mustard Seed; Thrift store ottoman coffee table by Five Days Five Ways)

A product available in craft or fabric stores called textile medium is making the unthinkable possible; yes now we all actually can paint the fabric on secondhand finds! Plenty of DIYers have had success with this method. Fabric medium removes the crispy feeling from paint and allows you to transform fabric with any color you like.

Painted Sofa and Chair(Painted gray chair by The North End Loft; Painted black sofa by Mon Petit Studio)

One of my favorite uses of secondhand finds in a living space is a refurbished console for supporting the television. These leftovers from the seventies are abundant at the local thrift store, and with a coat of high gloss paint, the transformation is remarkable and retro cool.

Demon Credenza(White console and red credenza by Decor Demon)

Speaking of paint, these savvy makeovers are more great examples of its transformative power.  A two tone paint refreshes old bookcases and a vivid hue brings a set of end tables to life. Also consider kicking up the style notch on your secondhand find with the addition of a mirror on horizontal shelves or vertical drawers and doors.

Secondhand Family Room Furniture(Navy and white bookcases by Emily A. Clark; Yellow end tables by Liz Marie blog; Craigslist side table by Sunset; Mirrored console by Shabby Nest)

Inspiring right? It’s amazing what a little Craigslist or thrift store hunting can do to spruce up your family or living room. Next week, we’ll look at more upgraded pieces in the entry. Stay tuned.


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19 Responses

  1. Alliee1 says:

    This is too good, although it is secondhand furniture but seems to be really new. Still they shining and looking like new.

  2. Vickie says:

    What would happen if the fabric got wet from something getting spilled on it? Could you wipe it up or clean it with anything? Can the paint come off on your cloths if it were wet?

  3. Kayla@HGTV says:

    This is just what I needed, Kate! I'm in the process of redoing my living room and now feel way more inspired than before to try out my DIY skills on some old furniture. And the fabric medium is pure genius – I definitely need to try that.

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  7. Zahid says:

    All we need is a little determination and some elbow grease and we can do it we can save some good furniture and turn it into something amazing. Garage door

  8. Christine says:

    Where can I find slipcover for a sofa and chair?

  9. charlotte johnson says:

    I haven't painted fabric on furniture, but I have painted numerous types of clothing(textiles) and once the paint dries, it is just like any other surface. Clothing has been washed many, many times for years and looks the same.

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