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What is the most popular vacation destination for HGTV.com readers? Home, of course!

Designer Tyler Wisler says, “Everyone always wants to feel like they’re on vacation. I think it’s just a fantasy everyone has, then alas life takes over, but there are ways to keep the spirit of your favorite spots alive.”

This week, our online audience must be remembering summer beach trips with a renewed interest in coastal-style design. These cool beach-inspired bathrooms have been particularly popular.

Coastal-Style bathroom from HGTV

You can bring your favorite vacation destination to any room. Tyler says, “This bedroom I did was a city dwelling for a pre-teen at the time. They summered in Nantucket, so to bring in that easy breezy relaxed feel, I kept the palette subdued. I added small touches like a piece of coral alongside an almost urchin-like textured table lamp. This gave the feel of another place, but always speaking to the vernacular of where the actual space is located.”

Coastal-Style bedroom by Tyler Wisler for HGTV Design Happens

Tyler brought vacation-living to the room with this reading nook.

Coastal-Style reading nook by Tyler Wisler for HGTV Design Happens

Whether you’re creating a vacation-spa bathroom or just adding a simple coastal accent, be careful not to go overboard.

Tyler says “I think it’s important, whether you’re incorporating beachy elements, tropical touches, or a bit of Southwest flair, it should be used sparingly, in essence maximizing its importance. Remember less is more! Sometimes an overkill of any particular style could bring a space down and make it look cheesy instead of breezy.”

What vacation destination would you like to incorporate into your home? To find your next design adventure, keep clicking.

13 Responses

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  2. maritza says:

    My dad has a bathroom that looks horrible, the bathtub has the color worn out and the tiles are black with lots of mold it is bad the sink lost it's color I would like to have the bathroom renovated but we can't and it has been like that for a long time he needs help. I would like it to look like a real bathroom a comfy one with warm colors like a spa. Help me.

    • Kathy says:

      If it is expenses that keep you from renovating- you might consider painting the sink with epoxy paint that is made for sinks and tubs, I believe it only comes in White- Rustoleum carries there own line and I believe that Sherwin Williams does also- it will take two coats to paint but works pretty well- just make sure room is very well ventilated because fumes are pretty strong.
      As far as the black tile- if grout is in good shape- clean with a bleach/ water to kill and get rid of mold- I would then paint the grout black to give the tile more depth, instead of having the block effect with black & white, then seal the painted grout with a grout sealer. I would paint the walls a white color- keep everything light excepting for the black tile- and purchase black bath rugs -Target has some great bath rugs at a fairly reasonable in price. With the black tile adding the black bath rugs brings the room together. Good luck

    • Cyndi says:

      I agree with everything Kathy said except when decorating for a not so clean person do the rugs in a print that doesn't show dirt and towels in white so they can be bleached easy. A black or dark color gathers lint and shows dirt for people who don't know how to clean properly to begin with.

  3. Amy says:

    I love the coastal look. There is a fine line between going overboard with coastal (no pun intended!) but if done right it looks fantastic.

  4. I agree with the too costly garbage short review. I can't stand the look, sound or perhaps feel in the Beats.

  5. Elinna says:

    Home Decorating is always a fun past time of mine. You may wonder why I said past time,it's a hobby of mine ever since I am 12. I like decorating our house. I got hooked at it when I decorated my own room. I certainly admire your reading nook. It's very relaxing.

  6. June says:

    Those blue bathroom tiles actually have me a little curious about the corner vanity unit. I mean, if the rest of the bathroom is that nice to look at, what more the vanity unit itself?

  7. burçlar says:

    great design Sarah.. thanx for the artcile.. Burçlar

  8. Rachel says:

    I sure hope the london luton hotel I'm considering has decor like that. It would help satiate my craving for the beach until summer comes around.

  9. Moira says:

    The bathroom could use an appropriately-designed bathroom vanity unit. It just doesn't seem complete otherwise.

  10. I am delighted by the tropical theme. It reminds me of our home in Hawaii where we live by the shore. The ambiance resonates a calm shore vibe.

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