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This was my first venture to High Point Furniture Market and I was truly in design Heaven. (It’s like Disney World for design nerds!) With more than 2,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of new product introductions to try to see in four days, I was wide-eyed and soaking up as much design as I could with my coffee in hand. My goal for the week was to focus on texture trends from showroom to showroom, and that certainly wasn’t hard to find. As soon as I entered InterHall, the “main” hall at Market, rope started popping up everywhere, and I noticed it most often on light fixtures. Other natural materials like burlap, grasscloth, linen, bamboo, sisal, jute and rattan were also seen, but surprisingly, these materials don’t come off coastal or rustic. Most often, these organic textures were mixed with metals, minerals or metallics for a glamorous, modern look that appears well-matched yet unexpected.

Read on to see other texture trends I spotted around High Point Market, then find out how you can incorporate them into your home.


High Point Market Rope TrendAlec Chandelier, Metal and Rope/Noir :: Glass Lantern With Rope/Arteriors Home :: Coastal-Inspired Wall Art/Design Legacy :: Square Chandelier/Steven Shell

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“Balance is always the key when it comes to design. Luckily, a lot of the natural elements I saw at High Point avoided being too ‘literal’ with their designs. There was a lot of mixing woods with metal, glass and leathers to keep it current. I would suggest the same for your interior; don’t go overboard with the new trend, but mix them in with your current pieces in order to add in the texture and natural elements in your own space.” — Britany Simon, Britany Simon Design, Design Star Season 7 Contestant

“Of course, you can envision a rope chandelier or a driftwood centerpiece in a country cottage or seaside home and they look amazing. But often those products manage to make even the most glamorous space a bit more relaxed, casual and fun. It’s less perfect and more modest which makes the space that much more chic! No one wants matchy-matchy; everyone wants interesting and perhaps a bit eclectic. The contrast, which is easy to achieve by adding humble textures to a luxurious interior, is almost more exciting than using an earthy material in a place where you would expect it.” — Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller Designs, High Point 2012 Style Spotter


High Point Market Organic Materials TrendFlorian Cocktail Table/Bernhardt Interiors :: Burlap Pedestal/Vanguard Furniture :: Twig Dome Pendant/BoBo Intriguing Objects ::  Gigi Chair, Rattan/Noir :: Shelf, Metal and Rattan/Bernhardt

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“I love mixing a natural fiber rug — sisal or jute, for example — with luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk. Everyone wants to be the girl who looks amazing without trying too hard, and a casually sophisticated space is simply the interior design version of that. A grasscloth wallcovering may seem organic, but combine it with some gold accents, and you’ve got glam!” — Stacy Naquin, Stacy Naquin Interiors, High Point 2012 Style Spotter

“I look straight to the fashion runways and say mix these textures with pops of color. Take a grasscloth pink wallpaper and throw a black-and-white hide rug on your floor. Texture and color — it is perfection.” — Gretchen Aubuchon, Fashion + Decor, High Point 2012 Style Spotter


High Point Market Leather Hide TrendHide Throw Pillows/Jamie Young :: Messina Desk, Shagreen Top/Lexington Home Brands :: Square Ottoman, Hide/Bernhardt :: Lola Occasional Chair, Buffalo Leather/Oggetti

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“I love the natural texture of cowhide and shagreen, and lately designers have been using those materials in unexpected colors like orange or teal. It’s boring to have what everyone else in your neighborhood has, so why not do a Kelly green tufted leather ottoman instead of a brown or black one?” — Stacy Naquin

“I love a good hide or faux-hide for your home. There are so many great uses for it in your decor. Hide is a very durable surface, so it’s perfect for under your dining table or in an entryway that gets a lot of traffic. Also, try layering a sisal or textural rug underneath a hide rug in your living area. It provides a fun, unexpected look and also adds that extra bit of texture.” — Britany Simon

“A chic, sophisticated home is a layered home, full of accessories and art without feeling crowded or cluttered. One of the most difficult design tasks for a DIY homeowner to complete, however, is to achieve the right amount of layering. The benefit of products with texture is that they create so much visual interest without a profusion of color and pattern, both of which can be intimidating to a novice decorator. Many textured products are inspired by nature, whether it’s the pebbled surface of a shagreen-covered cabinet, the smoothness of a cowhide rug or the scales of a snakeskin desk. There are also fantastic faux options for consumers who prefer to stay away from animal-based products. It doesn’t have to be “real” nature to be interesting or beautiful!” — Traci Zeller


High Point Market Minerals TrendPhotos courtesy of Stacy Naquin: Quartz Sconce/Robert Abbey, Inc. :: Limestone Cocktail Table/Global Views :: Minerals/Design Legacy :: Framed Rocks and Minerals/Form and Pheromone

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“The most beautiful colors are found in nature. Visualize the striations in limestone or the rich, polished texture of bone. Both are stunning and can be used in a variety of ways, say, a limestone tabletop or a bone-inlaid mirror or dresser. And how gorgeous are many rocks and minerals? Framed agate slices create a striking wall display in a more modern fashion than intaglios, for instance.” — Stacy Naquin


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  1. Jordan says:

    The framed rocks and minerals are a great idea.

  2. Pam says:

    I bet going to that High Point Market is so much fun. Is it for the public too or just designers and HGTV?

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