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On Halloween night, go trick-or-treating with your little ones, then come home and spend the evening with HGTV’s Property Brothers. Drew and Jonathan will be going head-to-head in our prime-time special, Pumpkin Wars.

The bros are helping two towns battle to see which one can carve and display the most jack-o’-lanterns (both attempting to set a new Guinness World Record). Watch the Brother vs. Brother showdown Wednesday at 9pm/8c.

Want to see Jonathan help eat the pies? Or see more of Drew in Keene? Check out behind-the-scenes videos from the episode.

Sneak Peek: Check out Facebook-exclusive photos from Pumpkin Wars right now. What’s that? You haven’t liked HGTV on Facebook, you say? Well, let’s take care of that first.

Pumpkin Wars

Warring Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott

HGTV Pumpkin Wars

How do you plan on spending your Halloween? Tell me below.

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  1. poshhaus says:

    Was better than I expected. Being new to the area of Keene, NH since May I could not be more proud of our community. :)

    • Christine Dow, Ca. says:

      It seemed to me a little unfair. Jonathan's town were told the pumpkins had to weigh in at least 24lbs, and
      pretty much at the eleventh hour. I didn't hear Drew being told anything about that, and quite a few of
      Keene's pumpkins looked more like 10 – 15lbs to me. If I were Jonathan, I'd demand a recount! Christine, Ca.

      • Anonymous says:

        From what I saw, Jonathan's town was trying to set a separate record of "most pumpkins being carved at the same time" and that stipulation included a pumpkin weight. They were trying to carve 1,000 pumpkins at one time and fell short. Keene did not try to set that record. Keene was simply going for most carved & lit jack-o-lanterns.

        • Christine, Ca. says:

          To Anonymous: I stand corrected. Stick-wise, I got hold of the wrong end! My apologies to
          Keene (and to Drew). I will watch more closely next year.

  2. steve says:

    cool show ilive near that town in illinois <a href="http://www.stevespumpkinart.com” target=”_blank”>www.stevespumpkinart.com

  3. melisa says:

    Pumpkin wars? Well, that's another war compared to real wars that we have seen in the tv screen. what is a bridge tooth

  4. David Agostinos says:

    One of the coolest show that I have saw during Halloween, I'm a big fan of HGTV Agostinos Interiors

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